Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Green Lantern Corps #33 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Van Jensen
Art By: Bernard Chang
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: July 9, 2014

Love Is A Battlefield.  Yeah I Just Made A Pat Benatar Reference

We're finally at the end of Green Lantern: Uprising, and when last we left it appeared that the Green Lantern Corps had won the war.  The Durlan's made their assault on the planet Zezzen, where the Lanterns and the Outer Clanns fought them back, and eventually captured or killed the remaining Durlan forces.  But in the end back on Mogo, Hal Jordan received a distress call from John Stewart claiming that it wasn't over.  So let's dive into the final chapter of Uprising to see what Lantern Stewart meant by his call, and find out the ultimate fate of the universe.  Let's check it out.

Explain It!:

Our story begins after the battle with the invading Durlan forces.  John Stewart was granted some R&R from Hal, and what better way to spend it than with his lady love Fatality on a strange planet with a living lava people.  Worst vacation ever.  Well even more so because when Fatality walks up to talk to a Zezzite child, we see her mouth morph into a large image of terror complete with tendrils and she consumes the child.  HOLY SHIT FATALITY'S A DURLAN!

Now with the consumed energy of the Zezzite, and the stored DNA of the Daxamites, we're totally screwed.  The first half of this book is the Durlan/Fatality/Daxamite kicking the shit out of John Stewart while putting him down about how weak he is, while John contemplates the fact that he's been screwing a Durlan.  Eventually she get's tired of the physical and emotional abuse, and flies off to Mogo (which is still in orbit of Zezzen) to free the rest of the Durlans, and begin their conquest of the universe.

Back on Mogo the majority of the Green Lantern Corps is unprepared to deal with a power level comparable to Superman's.  The Fatality/Durlan begins laying waste to the Lanterns, and Hal is forced to call all Lanterns on Mogo to the fight.  That is with the exception of Daggle, the Durlan Green Lantern who explains that he isn't used to wielding his ring since he stopped using it when we found out it's affects on the universe during the Relic story arc, and will remain behind to watch the Durlan prisoners.  At first you expect a double cross, and think he's going to release the prisoners, but that's just because you're a xenophobe, and don't trust people.  No since he used the ring chamber to isolate a radioactive isotope in his DNA that would allow Lanterns to tell if there were Durlan Green Lantern imposters, Mogo has used this information to create a counter agent to their biology.  This appears in the form of a flower in the Durlan cells that release spores making the Durlans forever in flux, and never being able to take form again.  So good 'ol Daggle isn't a traitor and you need to learn to trust people more.

As you can imagine once the Durlan Fatality tears her way through the Corps to find her species ruined forever, she's none to happy about it.  In the end Mogo weakens the Durlan by moving away from the yellow sun enough that the Corps can finally restrain her.  Even though John really wants to kill her, for all the teasing about his bedroom behavior, (well I assume that's what she was doing off panel) he lets her live, and now it's time to search for the real Fatality.  But even though the big war is finally over, our heroes will never be given a break because we find out that the real villains of this story are something called The Shadow Empire that put the Durlans up to the war to weaken the Green Lantern Corps.  Yeah those are some hideous fucks.  So make sure to come back next month so we can dive into the terror that is the Shadow Empire.

Bits and Pieces:

This ending gives you the satisfying final battle that you were waiting for while opening up new story arcs for both the Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps titles.  The issue was full of badass battles reminiscent of Superboy Prime's GL fights from years past, delivering us a WTF issue that you had to read jaw agape from beginning to end.  Also I usually don't mention letterers, but props to Dave Sharpe on doing a hell of a job.  He lettered the hell out this book.  Go check out the end of Green Lantern: Uprising, and jump into the final battle.



  1. Exciting!!! What a terrific arc this has been!

  2. Certainly better than I thought it would be when it was first announced. Now it's time to see if the Universe will accept the Green Lantern Corps as their protectors again or continue to hold a grudge since using the rings destroys the Universe. Can't please everyone and all that.

  3. I find any reviewer who doesn't address the plot hole in Uprising should probably not be reviewing comics. Part five of uprising has all the green lantern rings suddenly and unexpectedly start detecting Durlans but not the one standing 2 feet from John Stewart.