Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Superboy #33 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Aaron Kuder
Art By: Jorge Jimenez
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: July 9, 2014

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey

During the last issue of Superboy we saw Jon Lane Kent and his new friends from STAR Labs infiltrate a NOWHERE installation to find the body of Kon.  Well of course they were met with some resistance, which left Superboy missing an eye.  By the end of the issue I was left flabbergasted with what I was reading, but this issue thankfully drops a bit of knowledge on us and lets us know what the hell we were looking at.  So basically Superboy beat back the resistance and entered a chamber in the NOWHERE facility where he thought he had found the body of Kon, but when he touched it a giant temporal explosion emitted from the two, and we were left with a room full of parallel Superboys.  Like I said it will explain what the hell happened, and I will try to convey that knowledge to the best of my abilities.  So as much as I hate using this word let's check out the penultimate issue of Superboy and enjoy it while it's still here.  

Explain It!:

Okay boys and girls sit back while I try to explain the weird wild world of Superboy.  As I was saying when Jon touched the statis tubed Superboy he thought was Kon, a temporal explosion emitted from that source.  Now as we begin the issue we see that a giant force field has covered the NOWHERE facility.  But that's not the weird part.  Let's jump inside the mind of the statis tubed Superboy where Jon Lane Kent meets Kon again.  We find out that the body Jon touched last issue was a earlier version of himself, add that to the consciousness of Kon who was ripped from time when Jon came back from the Teen Titans adventures in the future, and we have a pocket universe made to hold all the versions of Jon as the Universe tries to deal with all the temporal distortions.  Are you getting all of this?  Goddamn timey wimey bullshit.  

I'll try to connect some dots here.  Jon Lane Kent is the son of Superman and Lois Lane from a parallel future that might not happen, but he was brought back in time and put in a statis tube.  When he's released he'll create a hellish future where he murders all meta humans until he fights Kon and takes his place in the far future with the Teen Titans, and then travels back to our present time.  He's been fucking up time for awhile, hence the temporal energies that are killing Kon and him.  Now Kon is the clone of Jon and he's traveled to the far future, then to Krypton's past where he was killed and brought back to life by a demigod oracle.  Holy shit i hate everyone involved in the New 52 Superboy series now that I've had to do this.  So like Jon Lane Kent, Kon has been all over time as well and the universe doesn't know how to handle all these temporal anomalies, so a pocket universe is created until the universe sorts out it's paradox shit.

Okay now on with the story, since Jon, Kon, and past Jon now inhabit one body in this pocket universe, it's somehow turned Superboy into a Dr. Manhattan Superboy who finds the facility rife with parallel universe Superboys that are killing each other.  When I say Dr. Manhattan Superboy I mean it, he has the ability to change anything in this universe as he sees fit.  Because of all the danger with the ravaging Superboy horde, he remakes his friends from STAR Labs as versions of themselves from parallel worlds so they can protect themselves.  Peter becomes a STEEL like character, Guardian becomes the best Guardian from all worlds, Rose becomes Ravager, Niti becomes a Green Lantern, but right as he's about to make the two security agents into their better selves, the past Jon Lane Kent takes over the body and kills them.  

In the end the Jon and Kon fight the past Jon for supremacy of the body, which eventually tears all three free.  Jon and Kon are knocked unconscious from their inner fight, but the murderous psychopath Jon who I thought we were finally rid of is up and ready to spill some blood.  That's it for this month's issue and what a issue it was.  Jon's a good guy now, we got Kon back, and who doesn't love mingling with the multiverse a bit?  Make sure you're back here to see the final issue of Superboy and see who will stand and take the place as our ultimate Superboy.  I really hope it's Kon.

Bits and Pieces:

Holy shit was this issue a mind fuck.  We get the answers to the questions we desperately sought out last month (horribly in vain I might add) and even though it'll give you a headache trying to wrap your head around it at first, it's completely worth a little brain pain for the outcome.  How miserable is it that the series is finally being put back on track for the final issue to be next month?  I'm really going to miss it, and have even come to really like Jon Lane Kent under Aaron Kuder's writing.  But I guess it's a case of too little too late, but you shouldn't let that deter you from picking up this issue which is chock full of timey wimey exposition that will leave you pleasantly in pain.


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  1. It seems that this issue really does prove that in fact "The Multiverse" can attempt to fix itself.