Monday, July 7, 2014

New Lobo And Trinity Of Sin Titles Announced For October

Competing for story supremacy today Comic Book Resources and Newsarama broke the news of two new titles coming to your local comic book shops in October.  We've got the new Lobo, and the world's greatest sinners The Trinity of Sin joining the ranks of the New 52.

For Lobo's title we're getting the creative team of Cullen Bunn "Sinestro", and Reilly Brown "Cable & Deadpool", who plan on giving us the lowdown on the new Lobo.  Since his arrival during last years Villain's Month, we keep seeing this character pop up in different titles searching for the man that stole his name.  You know the Lobo we all know and love.  But as much as I dig Cullen Bunn's writing on Sinestro, I really can't see a reason to upgrade this new character to title status when Shazam has been shunned for the past three years.  But that's just what I want. When getting into what everyone else wants can you remember anyone of your friends, or people at the comic shops talking about "Man I want to see more of that Twilight looking Lobo."?  No me either, usually it's all about how they hope that the newly deemed Faux-bo whoops his monkey ass when they finally meet up with each other.  Again I'm just projecting my own wishes and desires, but I like the creative team and I know that my Weird Science Co-Conspirator Jim will push this book on me to review, so it looks like I better settle in for the long haul with Lobo.

Now getting to a book I'm actually psyched for, Trinity of Sin is the perfect way to keep us DC Dark readers from complaining about how most of the Dark titles have been cancelled.  Earlier today before this story broke I was bitching to Jim about "What am I going to do now that Phantom Stranger and Pandora are goners?"  Well apparently all I had to do was ask because I sure as hell received.  As you can imagine the writing on Trinity of Sin will be done by J.M. DeMatteis "JLD, Phantom Stranger" and Yvel Guichet "Stormwatch" will be on art duties.  As much as I hate to see Phantom Stranger and Pandora's solo titles go, I think it's about time that we actually sit down and explore this trio's connection outside of the Council of Eternity, and actually show fans what the hell is up with The Question.  I'm not sure if all of you guys out there in interwebs land read the Trinity War story, but if you did you'd know that the Question shows up, does a few minor stuff, shows some crazy new powers, and then completely disappears.  I've been sitting here for a year waiting for him to show his no faced head again, and it's a good thing that I didn't hold my breath.  But now I can stop complaining because we'll be able to continue the adventures of The Phantom Stranger and Pandora, while shedding some light on who The Question is to us in the New 52.

This all happens in October kids, and combine this with the recent books added to the New 52 roster like Gotham Academy, Arkham Manor, and Deathstroke, and you know what that means?  I'm never getting a goddamn Shazam book.  I'll see you in October when I Explain It!: to hell and discuss what's going on in the world of DC Comics during the end of 2014.

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