Monday, July 7, 2014

Just For The Hell Of It Mondays: Getting Folksy With Doctor Fate

When I was reading this week's comics I was given a double dose of awesome in seeing that *SPOILER* Val-Zod fixed Doctor Fate's helmet, and once he lays off all the crazy I'm hopeful that we'll be seeing a badass active Doctor Fate in the future.  As for the double dose I was talking about and also talking about the future, we also saw that *SPOILER* Doctor Fate is alive and well in Futures End.  Even though he's at that point incarcerated on Cadmus Island, I'm just happy to know that he survived a homicidal Superman of Earth 2, and also survived the Earth 2 War Futures End keeps talking about.  So yeah it was a good week.

What I love more than Golden Age Superheroes is seeing fans taking their love for such things and doing something with it, like Eben Brooks "The Working Class Superhero of San Diego".  This singer/song writer has taken his love for superheroes and used it to entertain other fans, and man do I love fan made entertainment.  Here's one of his songs featuring the Doctor Fate, I dig it and I hope you will too.

Make sure you check out more on Eben Brooks on Youtube, or at his website HERE.  Also if you're a fan then let your fandom fly and do something that will attract more fans, and give the fans that are already here something to inspire to.  Make sure to keep checking new comics for more Doctor Fate, and I hope you have a helluva week.  See you in seven.

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