Monday, July 7, 2014

Brandon Routh Makes His Arrow Debut

Well it seems that the DC Television Universe keeps getting bigger while Brandon Routh's career keeps getting smaller.  Whoa!  Hold on there I only mean that he's been cast to play the minuscule master of miniaturization on Arrow............ and he doesn't have a lot of work.  But no matter the debacle that was Superman Returns, the people over at DC Entertainment want to give the once Superman a shot at another hero, and he'll get it in Season 3 of Arrow starting October 8th, when he'll tackle the role of scientist Ray Palmer who in the television continuity will be taking over Queen Consolidated.  Hopefully it turns out better for him than it did for Summer Glau.

With The Flash airing October 7th, and all the other DC properties hitting the airwaves this fall, it's certainly a good time to be a fanboy.  Even though I really only trust the shows that will be on The CW.  Season 2 of Arrow was amazing and I expect big things for both Flash, and Arrow Season 3 this year, so become the couch potato you've practiced your whole life to be, and get ready for badass superhero fun this fall.

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