Friday, July 11, 2014

Smallville: Chaos #6 Review

Written by: Bryan Q. Miller
Art by: Agustin Padilla, Daniel HDR and Marcelo Di Chiara
Cover Price: $0.99
Release Date: July 11. 2014

Radio Free Multiverse

Smallville: Chaos has been a grab bag of great stories.  It's been so fun waiting to see which story lines Bryan Q. Miller focuses on and even more fun reading them.   This week it's Lex, Lois and Clark and Booster Gold.  Sounds like a great time to me.  However, this is the middle issue of the event and it feels like it.  Whether it's the calm before the storm will play out later, but it definitely is a setup issue.

Lex and Otis are still up to no good in Antarctica.  Lex has garnered many titles during his lifetime, but I never thought "slave driver" would be one of them.  Of course, the way he treats Otis, "best friend" won't be one of them either.  Lex called out to his other (better?) halves in the multiverse, but no one came a knockin', but he has something better in mind.

Meanwhile on Earth-Majestic, Lois is where we left her last week...arguing with construct Jor-El.  Time is running out and only Jor-El can save them.  Lois is strong and sassy, but has to play the sympathy card to get any reaction.  However, construct Jor-El wants something in return.  Unfortunately, it looks like they all just jumped out of the fire into a bigger, hotter fire that is inside a nuclear explosion.  That mean they are in real trouble, kiddies.

For the third story,  Bryan Q. Miller gives us last week's surprise guest star, Booster Gold.  The scene is brief, but fans of Booster will be very anxious with what becomes of their hero and who is behind said treatment.  Wake up Booster, wake up!

The buildup towards the finale begins here.  Lex's plans are still a mystery, but he's beginning to put his pieces on the board.  He may act like a horse's ass to my man, Otis, but it's just so fun to watch unfold.  Plus, we all know how he really feels, don't we?  Lois steals the show this week with her sassy, don't take "no" attitude.  Seriously, is their anyone in the Smallville Universe that can stand up to her?  Bryan Q. Miller writes my favorite Lois out there and this issue shows why.  I want more Booster Gold.  Miller is teasing me, I know it.  He gives us just enough to want more and that's why I love reading this book.

I wish the art was as strong as the writing.  It's not any one thing in particular, but three.  Three artists.  What gives?  Even if they each draw their own, full story, the transitions are jarring which ruins the flow of the issue.  I hope that when this is collected, it will read a bit smoother.

Bits and Pieces: 

Smallville: Chaos #6 is a middle issue, through and through.  I like everything Bryan Q. Miller gives us, but we are left hanging just as it gets good.  The plot lines each have their own artist, but this causes jarring transitions that ruin the flow.  Fans of the series will enjoy everything here, but new readers should start at the beginning.


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