Thursday, July 10, 2014

Batgirl #33 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Gail Simone
Art By: Fernando Pasarin
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: July 9, 2014

Deadline To Doom!

Last time in Batgirl we saw our hero trying to take down Knightfall's various criminal operations, but every time she'd stop one thing Knightfall would up and move the operation somewhere else.  So it's been a hard time for Barbara Gordon, not to mention the fact that her father's in prison and her boyfriend is suing her father for shooting him.  Bad times all around, but Knightfall plans on setting one of those things right.  She's not about to let a low life hood sue the honorable Commissioner while he's down, no to make things right she sends her lieutenant Bone Crusher to make Ricky an offer he can't refuse.  Either drop the lawsuit or suffer the consequences.  Well I guess Ricky wasn't fast enough for them because the next day he received his brother's severed hand in the mail.  Enough is enough in Batgirl's mind, it's time to finally take down Knightfall and her entire criminal organization.  She receives help from Black Canary and Huntress who made her debut in Batgirl at the end of last issue.  But will Batgirl want this mystery woman's help?  Let's find out.

Explain It!:

The story begins like I said with Huntress introducing herself to Batgirl and Black Canary.  The only problem is that all Batgirl sees are the colors that Knightfall wears and proceeds to beat the ever loving shit out of Huntress.  I don't know how long this would of gone on if Black Canary hadn't pulled her off Huntress and explained to her that this masked stranger isn't fighting back.  So Huntress gets up, Batgirl apologizes, and they form an alliance to take down Knightfall.  But goddamn did Batgirl ever beat the hell out of Huntress.

So the girls join forces and form the Birds of Prey that should have been, but in order to go after Knightfall they'll need to find one of her Lieutenants and Barbara reluctantly knows just the place to go.  A couple issues back Barbara's roommate Alysia was talked into releasing what she thought was a stink bomb in a building that performed animal testing, but what she didn't know was that the man that put her up to it was working for Knightfall and the stink bomb was actually a nerve toxin.  Luckily Batgirl saved the day and can get the name of the man that put Alysia up to her almost terrorist activity.  The man is known as Bleak Michael and he has the ability to sling acid from his hands, but that doesn't stop our trio from ambushing him at the Three Towers parking garage.  He puts up a decent fight, but he is going up against Batgirl, Black Canary and Huntress so the odds are kind of against him.  

To get the information they need they make sure he'll keep his hands to himself by hanging him by them from a crane off the top of a building.  But before they can convince him that they have Gotham's best interests in mind, Knightfall sends out a hit squad to take care of Michael before he can spill the beans.  Again with who the hit squad are fighting the odds are against them.  Being saved from assassination has a way to make you trust people, so Michael tells the girls that Knightfall has set up a deadline for midnight the following night.  The deadline is for all the criminals in the Cherry Hill district of Gotham to vacate and if they don't Knightfall is sending in an army to murder them.  

In the end the team dealing with the impossible task of either evacuating every criminal from Cherry Hill or taking on an army of mercs decides that it's time to call in some backup.  The call goes out to Detective McKenna, Katharsis, and Barbara makes a call to her thought to be dead college roommate we saw last issue, who is now a super spy that wants Barbara to join.  Barbara agrees to join her organization in return for the contact information of everyone, so it seems that Batgirl is putting an army of her own together.  One last call goes out to the big Bat himself wanting to know if she can borrow his boat.  Make sure you're back here next month when shit gets real for Batgirl and Gotham becomes a battlefield.

Bits and Pieces:

It looks like Barbara has snapped back to the angry woman I thought we had seen the last of.  Well traces of her at least.  While the issue starts out with raging Barbara, by the end she's back to the calculating cool headed hero I want her to be.  With this being the setup for the main fight next issue, I have to say that Simone did a great job keeping me entertained, and getting all that bothersome exposition out of the way in a interesting way.  So while this is a good issue, it just wets your palate for what's to come next.  Check it out so you're not left in the dark for the next issue..


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