Monday, July 31, 2017

Daredevil #24 Review - Marvel Monday

SUPREME...Waste of Time

Written by: Charles Soule
Art by: Alec Morgan and Matt Milla
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: July 19, 2017
Review by: Aaron Anderson

Well I didn't bury the lead. Alec Morgan's assault on my eyeballs continues in this issue. We get some more close ups of weird distorted faces that look like they came straight from an M.C. Escher 'Hands with Globe' sketch pad. Except these have no backgrounds and probably took minutes to draw when the artist was in the eighth grade...Enjoy.

We open to a newspaper article announcing the loss of Matt Murdock to Legal in the appeals court case from last iss. Which has me already angered, because this is issue 4 of a 5 issue court case and all the legal stuff is happening off panel. All we have been treated to is forced angst, forced tension, and a very weak sense of a possibility for some consequences  for our hero. I mean what can the courts do force Daredevil to remove his mask? (Yeah right). Worst thing that could happen is Matt is thought of as a legal pariah for a little while. On the other hand if Matt wins Vigilantes could testify in court and legally spy on you.

Matt's boss, the District Attorney, is not happy with the results of the 2nd appeal. Even though it was a close decision of 4to3 on the 2nd appeal. Which Matt points out to his boss rather cock sure and nonchalant. Matt also lets his boss know he is not out for the count. Matt plans to take it all the way up to the Supreme Court. To that I say no shit you titled this story arc 'SUPREME'. Matt's boss informs Matt if he does so he will be doing it alone no personnel, no resources, no help what so ever from the D.A. side of things. To that I say who cares it is not like we have seen Matt work with much help. Matt had people stand in for him on the first iss. of this arc, but Matt did all the brain work and paper work before hand for them. He made it an up to the foul plate slam dunk case for them.

Next, we turn our attention to Kingpin's penthouse where he is having a congratulatory talk with Legal. Still we know next to nothing about Legal,  except he is a pretentious dick. I can not believe Wilson Fisk doesn't kill him here as he mansplains how the law works to Fisk. Fisk is keeping Legal on payroll because Fisk doesn't think Matt Murdock is finished. It has to be the only possible reason Legal is alive right now. Kingpin talks to Wesley telling him to bring in Plan B and I sigh. Because Plan B is Tombstone and he wasn't effective as last issue's Plan B. That was really Plan A called Plan B.

We next jump to the only reason to read this issue. Foggy Nelson reuniting with Matt Murdock. Which should be exciting and fun but instead it is infuriating and boring. Matt finds Foggy at the bar because after Foggy's recovery from cancer I guess he decided to become a total drunk that loves this bar because of the FREE hot dogs. So, Matt isn't surprised that Foggy is at this bar but he is surprised that Foggy knows about his failure at appeals court. Which surprises me because I could swear we opened this comic to Matt's boss chewing his ass for being on the front page of the papers as a loser. But I get over that quick when I notice the newspaper appears out of nowhere. Seriously, first panel of the page is a distance shot of the bar NO paper. Next thing you know a flaming hot dog machine of convenience appears and so does a newspaper.

Now I am not the smartest person on the planet and I am no writist but what I am is a connoisseur of hot dogs. Having been a chef for 15 years I can tell you there are many reasons why having an open-flame hot dog "warmer" machine just all willy-nilly behind the bar is stupid as fuck for a plot point but that would be putting the cart before the horse.

As Foggy sits in this very public and occupied bar and screams at Matt for dressing up in a costume as Daredevil, well with in ear shot of people. We are treated to the Foggy's woe is the life of a super hero's friend story till...Plan B shows up.

Tombstone has arrived again! With a few guys that kill. That is till they are defeated by soggy newspaper. We get to enjoy some of the most idiotic comic logic I have witnessed since the Silver age reading I did awhile back. The open-flame hot dog "warmer" machine comes in use here. When Matt Murdock soaks a newspaper with his beverage and throws it on the, full of hot dogs, "warming" machine.

Have I said it is a "warming" machine yet? Well apparently nobody involved with this comic knows what a hot dog warming machine does. So, go to your local gas station and check. Go ahead I will wait. What's that? Oh no, it doesn't matter what gas station almost every single one of them carries one these days.

Oh good your back. Did you see any flames on any of the hot dog machines? No!? Well then how does Matt create enough smoke in this bar within seconds to make everyone as blind as him? I don't fucking know!

We get treated to more crappy panel progression and the idea that Alec Morgan doesn't know how to execute the perception of Matt's super human senses properly. Just before Tombstone cries like a bitch and runs away.

Oh, and Matt says sorry and Foggy says that's all I wanted. Apparently that's the magic word because they are a team again. Thee end.

Bits and Pieces:

I am mad I was ever excited for this story arc. At least we get Ron Garney back on art in another month.


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