Sunday, July 30, 2017

Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Ep 134: DC Comics, Metahumans and Fake News

Jim, Eric and Reggie get together to discuss all of this weeks books and also the question of whether Batman is a Metahuman.  There is a ton more as the GFC gets involved to give you the longest podcast out there with Weird and Science and DC Comics in it's name. Enjoy!

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  • Intro (0:00), News (47:36), Mail #1 (1:22:28), Books - See List Below (1:44:59), Mail #2 (3:28:57), Marvel Minute - Deadpool #34 (3:47:52), Jeremy's Crossover Corner (6:08:46), Mail #3 (7:09:55), Mail #4 (9:25:01), Vermillion's Vision - Unfollow (9:46:43)

  • DC Comics Reviewed: Detective Comics #961 (1:50:28), Action Comics #984 (2:14:48), All-Star Batman #12 (3:02:27), Wonder Woman #27 (4:30:34), Justice League of America #11 (4:58:18), Blue Beetle #11 (5:48:29), Hal Jordan And The Green Lantern Corps #25 (7:41:23), Suicide Squad #22 (8:14:59), Batgirl #13 (8:29:57), Young Animal - Mother Panic #9 and Doom Patrol #7 (8:51:10), Kamandi Challenge #7 (9:57:34), Batman Beyond #10 (10:19:43), Teen Titans #10 (10:53:18)

  • This week's Patreon Only Spotlight is Flash #27
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  1. When did Earth-8 get destroyed? Was this earlier in JLA?

    1. It was one of the Earths that The Gentry went after in Grant Morrison's The Multiversity

  2. Wasn't that Earth-7 (the equivalent of the Ultimate Marvel universe)? Thunderer (the Thor analogue) was the only one to survive from that world, but I thought Earth-8 (the equivalent of the main Marvel universe) survived. Maybe I was wrong. I haven't read Multiversity in months.

    1. flipping through it again, it does look like there was a lot of damage done to the city when they were fighting on Earth-8 in the last issue of Multiversity. A but a bunch of people from that world definitely survived, though i am not sure about how much the Gentry destroyed. Since we really only see the rubble/ wreckage in that local area I'm not sure how widespread the damage was.

    2. Yeah, I haven't read it since it came out and was really under the impression that the Gentry wiped it out, but I could just be basing the the destruction on what we saw and exaggerating it. Havok shouldn't have survived though.

    3. yeah, he got shot in the head by Not-Hawkeye, and then looked into a cosmic egg or something and appeared to die. I guess he got better?