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Marvel Monday's Melee Madness - Week of July 26, 2017

Marvel Monday Melee Madness – Week of July 26, 2017

This week Marvel wrapped up the month of July and it felt like a relatively quiet week in 'the Universe' despite several event type books coming out this week.  There was one moment that stole a ton of the spotlight, which will be highlighted inside, but I'm also here showcase some of the under the radar moments you may have missed.  As always the photos and scenes will be accompanied by awful jokes and who doesn’t love that.  Jump inside for more.

 X-Men: Blue #8
No your not having a 90's flashback, you're looking at an issue of X-Men: Blue released this week.  Now these guys dont stick around too long being holograms and all but its still nice to live in nostalgia for a minute ... more of this gathering of mutants together please.

The Punisher #14
What happens in New York when the lights go out?  Well nothin' good apparently, but luckily Frank Castle is hanging around in the area trying to get a street dog when trouble strikes.  Lesson to be learned here really dont mess with the citizens of New York when their heroes are trying to catch a cheap bite to eat.

Weapon X #6
Well its looks like you cant trust the Weapon X program, not that you ever could to begin with, so this is just a little more of the same.  However despite the general awfulness and willingness to employ awful human beings you have to admire their never says die attitude to say the least. Still after the same thing after all these years.

Edge of Venomverse #3
Lets check in on Marvel's other event going on at this moment in time, and see what a combo of the Ghost Rider and Venom working together looks like .... yup, about what I expected.  The symbiote seems to have gotten over its fear of fire!

 Deadpool #34
Nothing to see here just Deadpool standing in all his glory splattered with Paste Pot Pete's 'paste' ... get your mind out of the gutters will ya!

Secret Empire #7
Another Marvel event, another Marvel hero bites the dust ... queue the music "another one bites the dust" ... get this event over with already and just use 'the cube' to bring everyone back ... we all know its gonna happen anyway. 

That's it for this week ... remember holla at me on Twitter @bmur3660 or on the GFC Slack chat and tag me in anything you find to be memorable or worthy throughout the week. Til next time!

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