Saturday, August 5, 2017

Extremity #6 Review

Flame On!

Writer: Daniel Warren JohnsonArtist: Daniel Warren JohnsonPublisher: Image ComicsRelease Date: August 2, 2017Cover Price: $3.99

As we come in to the halfway point of this series, I have to reiterate that this has easily been one of my favorite books going. The amount of emotion that’s been felt throughout the book while also delivering on big bombastic action and sprinkling in world building at every possible chance. I think Tom King could maybe look to this book for a few tips on how to mix the big action and emotion while actually delivering a story. So as we go into the halfway point will the book continue sailing smooth on its skiff of praise, or does it take a turn for the worse? Find out after the jump!

We pick up this issue immediately where we last left off, with the Paznina in one of their big war ships knocking on the door of past Paznina animal trainer and current location of Thea and their tribe. As the Paznina show up at the door and are surprised to not see the animal trainer outside to meet them, we get the idea that they may not fully understand the situation which causes a bit of confusion. We know the Paznina know Thea and the rest are here, but they still expect to be met by the regular denizen. Regardless, they are quickly met by rumbling and quakes as Abba bursts through the gate riding one of the previously seen giant praying mantises. It’s at this point where the gore and viscera kicks up to a notch we haven’t really seen since the first issue. It was definitely welcome after the decent break we had away from it for a while.

Before too long the battle is shown to start going badly for Thea and her family and Abba commands Thea to board her skiff and bomb the Paznina warship to bring it down. Calling back to the first or second issue where the same maneuver won them the battle. This time around it doesn’t go quite as well because as Thea makes her way over the ship she finds the Paznina have her brother captive. Thinking fast she discards the already primed explosives to save her brother instead. After some trouble she returns to the ground to be met by their furious father. Now completely consumed with his need for revenge he cares about nothing other than making his loss “right”.

This breaking point between Abba and Thea is definitely something that was going to come sooner or later. Thea had always shown she was willing to go far for this justice, but Abba was always the one to push it further. There was always going to be a point to which Thea was not willing to go. It turned out to be her brother who Abba had already turned his back on after he felt betrayed. Although it was a little expected with how things went with Thea’s brother, its execution really drove it in and made it worthwhile.

After this we lead into the end of the issue with Abba running off as the battle line seems to fall apart, with more soldiers approaching Thea and her brother soon after. Luckily for them they’re saved by Hobbie and able to work toward getting away. Overall I thought this issue was fantastic and reminds me heavily of the first issue in the series. I’d actually like to go back and read the first issue immediately after reading this issue to see if the callbacks and reflections are intended or not. The art in this issue for the big splash pages, I feel, are a little down but the rest of the book is still great. This issue delivers on what has been building up between Thea and her father throughout this book so far and it doesn’t hold back when it comes to the direction the relationship takes.

Bits and Pieces:

What we now know is the halfway point of this book continues to deliver on the gore and viscera while also being emotionally debilitating.  Gruesome art, emotionally charged story, and interesting characters makes this book a must buy.


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