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Marvel Monday's Marvel Covers of the Week - July 26, 2017

Marvel Monday’s Marvelous Covers – Week of July 26, 2017

Well this week the cover game got back on track cover with a few gems found among the Marvel lineup. The only catch, most of the covers I liked were of the variant variety, so they may come along with an inflated price tag unfortunately. In the meantime, while your saving your dough for these beauties, why don’t you jump inside, and join your fellow Marvel Zombies in gawking at a few of this week’s picks, featuring the White Queen, along with the hard hitting analysis you’ve come to expect from @bmur3660.

X-Men: Blue #8
Artist: Arthur Adams
Get Fresh Crew suggestion #1 leads the way and this cover only emphasizes the point to not f**k with the White Queen Emma Frost.  A fan favorite villain, who has really gone off the dead end since her 'lover' Scott Summers bit the dust,  to go along with one of the best X-Men books of the Resurrection relaunch, is a winning combo in my book!

Infamous Iron Man #10
Artist: Alex Maleev
Get Fresh Crew suggestion #2 follow Ms. Frost with a beauty by Maleev which really highlights how sweet Dr. Doom looks in the Iron Man armor he has.  Despite your feeling on Doom and his attempt to carry on the male Iron Man mantle the cover work on this series in undeniably stunning. 

The Punisher #14
Artist: Declan Shalvey
This cover seems to hint at the fate of the villains in this issue, with their destiny written in the stars on the cover, in a pay attention or you'll miss it skyline ... or I could just be the only giant dummy and not have seen the skull first time around. Either way this cover by Shalvey certainly has earned its spot in the Marvel covers of the week list.  

The Unbelievable Gwenpool #18 (X-Men Card Variant)
Artist: Jim Lee
The Jim Lee 90's trading card covers continue to trickle out with the White Queen working her way into making a second appearance on this weeks list.  I distinctly remember having a bunch of these as a kid but never being able to get lucky enough for this one. I was far more concerned with everything Wolverine in those days. 

Black Panther #16 (Jack Kirby Aniv. Variant)
Artist: Jack Kirby 
In another throwback to a bygone era Marvel has also been releasing Jack Kirby variants over the last month featuring some of Kirby's finest works.  This beauty featuring everyone favorite lost family the Fantastic Four really captures the feel of classic Marvel Comics.  Find it on this weeks Black Panther book!

That it for this week remember to get my attention if you see any covers or scenes throughout the week in the Marvel titles that catch your attention.  I want the Get Fresh Crew properly represented here for Marvel Monday's.  Til next week! 

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