Monday, July 31, 2017

Deadpool #34 Review - Marvel Monday

Marvel Minute Pick of the Week

Writer: Gerry Duggan
Pencils: Matteo Lolli & Mike Hawthorne
Inks: Christian Dalla Vecchia & Terry Pallot
Colors: Ruth Redmond
Marvel Comics
Release Date: July 26, 2017
Cover Price: $3.99

Deadpool Fights the Power

What do you do if you find yourself unknowingly and unwillingly tricked into working under Stevil Rodgers, who then duped you into murdering a close friend/ally? Well Deadpool is about to fill us in on the ins and out of that situation, as this arc continues tying into Secret Empire, and let’s just say things are getting ugly. Unbeknownst to Hydra, Deadpool is on a quest to take down Hydra Cap, but also has a hell of a lot going on in his personal life to deal with first … does Hydra offer vacation days? Jump in to find out that and more.  

Read that recap page if you’re not a regular and it’s a pretty decent catch up point on the arc so far. From there our issue starts with Deadpool entering a Hydra base, with the Trapster as prisoner, as Deadpool stands at attention buck naked! Hydra’s higher ups aren’t super pleased with the Merc with a Mouth because he keeps bringing in smaller time ‘heroes’ and ‘bad guys’ while Hydra wants a specific target … Maria Hill.

Act 2 comes early in our issue after these events, and with it an art change (black, white, and red all over). This scene is a giant fight between Deadpool and Emily Preston, longtime friend of Deadpool’s and his daughter’s caretaker. Preston mostly does the majority of the ass whopping laying the smack down on Wade in a variety of ways. You can tell she is PISSED at him, for killing Collison in previous issues, and the exchange between the two isn’t pleasant.   

As Emily think she’s approaching Deadpool to finish him off, Deadpool he pulls a grenade pin, blowing them both to bits as he states ‘you should have never got close’ a heavy phrase with a double meaning.

Post blast Preston, being an LMD, is in the midst of rebooting, which Wade puts a stop too. Despite Deadpool actions however the LMD wakes up any way, as Wade is cutting out the power supply, destroying it once and for all, but also removing the CPU/Memory Bank it looks like as well to potentially bring her back in the future.

Wade packages the remains into a box sending it to an undisclosed location. The art change concludes with Deadpool going back to the Preston residence to take Ellie back with him to his house after these recent events have gone down, telling Preston’s family in the process she’s went underground.  

Back to the current time/story, Deadpool is seemingly walking Trapster to a cell in prison when their staged fight breaks out.  This springs some Hydra guards into action causing a distraction Deadpool needs to (I’m a little fuzzy here) find the inmate he needs, and stash him somewhere for later, I think? Or possibly use him for vital information.

Blackouts appears to the person in question who Deadpool was after, and with a little research discovering Blackout possess a Darkforce Power set, which could be a setup for an attempt by Deadpool to rescues those in the Dark Dimension trapped in New York.

In the end Deadpool has used Trapster as a pawn all along leaving him memoryless and in Hydra prison after helping setup his shenanigans. The issue then concludes with Deadpool leaving the prison seemingly empty handed stating he’s off to find Maria Hill, while under his breath stating he’s really going to use her to lure Steve Rodgers out and end this nightmare once and for all.

Overall I have been out of the Deadpool game for a while, having not read an issue of this current run since the mid-twenties, but this was an very entertaining addition to the series overall, despite its tie-in status.  There are some interesting layers to this problem Deadpool has to face and seeing him attempt to take Hydra down from the inside has me interested moving forward.  This isn’t something you need to be reading Secret Empire to enjoy as a story and the art compliments the tone throughout the book even when it undergoes a change in the middle of the issue.

Kudos goes to the entire creative team for dealing with a company line mandate to tie the book into an event in such a great way.

Bits and Pieces

The Deadpool series, despite its tie-in status, is capitalizing on an interesting premise, dragging Deadpool’s personal life and decisions, into a line wide event in a very intriguing way.  The art compliments the story telling very well, with Act 2 of the issue, being a very impactful fight scene that will have implications going forward for Deadpool as a whole.     


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