Friday, August 4, 2017

Injustice 2 #17 Review

Writer: Tom TaylorArtist: Daniel SamperePublisher: DC ComicsRelease Date: August 2, 2017Cover Price: $0.99

With the last few issues this year or section, as we’re not sure if Injustice 2 is taking the same form as Gods Among Us, seems to be coming together to move towards its apex. We’re getting Plastic Man and his son, Jaime Reyes, and next we should be heading into the team making its first effort at moving toward their enemies. The series so far has been a great enjoyment outside of the short Supergirl arc, which may end up later being necessary groundwork, which is easy to look past. With that being said will the most recent issue continue the trend of careening towards a climax or will it be another Supergirl-style segment? Find out after the jump.

We jump into this issue with the inauguration of the new president, which we saw set up previously with Batman’s visit to the White House, with some of our heroes setting up security. It’s not too long before Batman and Black Lightning get called away leaving the younger crew to handle the inauguration. It’s around here where we find out that the incoming president is one of the most anti-environment president the country has ever seen in thus would be a prime target for Ra’s’ environment saving crusade. There are small hints of un-trust as Batman and Black Lightning elect to not share what it is they’re doing, but they make it clear it’s an attempt to save the children and the plan is already in move.

As far as openings go I think this open does quite a lot. Setting up a future event while leaving it innocuous and not the obvious focus is a nice touch while also using it as a setting to show the factions in this new team. It’s an obvious allegory to our current president, but it works better than most with environment being a main focus of this overall arc.

We next meet up with Barbara, Ollie and Dinah as they’re flying on the edge of space to stay undetected as they fly toward Ra’s’ hideout where the kids’ trackers were last followed. There’s some small talk that basically suits as catch up as to what exactly they’re doing but it shorty moves on to Barbara making her move with is attempting a jump with only the Plastic Men as her chute and protection. The whole sequence of landing and what takes place after, including some father/son bonding, is just made all the more enjoyable due to Plastic Man and his son. There’s not much more that happens here that really can be given away but I’ll leave it here because the scenes with the two Plastic’s are just that great.

Overall this issue was great end to end. There was some slight tedium when it came to some of the conversation leading to Babs’ jump, but it doesn’t affect it too much. The art is great and the characters written by Tom Taylor continue to be an absolute highlight. Plastic Man and his son have come into this book and damn near stolen the show. They’re not what I’ve come to expect as the constant gags and jokes, but they’re just loveable and fun to read.

Bits and Pieces:

Tom Taylor continues to write the best ensemble cast of any book at DC. Between amazing and loveable characters, great art, and continuing to build toward a climax we have yet another near perfect issue of Injustice 2.


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