Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Savage Things #5 Review

He Of Sound Mind and Abel Body

Written by: Justice Jordan
Art by: Ibrahim Moustafa
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: July 5, 2017
Reviewed By: Josh Vermillion

This book is really good, simple as that. The main character is compelling in that he’s just enough of a good guy to make you want him to win, but also a really big dick that makes you kind of hate him at the same time. The art is great, especially when Ibrahim Moustafa gets to play around with the gory, fucked up pages. You really can’t ask for much more out of a Vertigo series in my mind.

After last issue’s cliffhanger, you would think that Kira and Abel might have to actually stop killing people for five minutes and talk their way out of being surrounded by police. Well, if you did think that, you would be fucking wrong. I mean this is Abel we’re talking about here, and he don’t do no talkin’, he only does punchin’.

After seeing another flashback of him protecting Cain 25 years ago, the story jumps back to the present. He and Kira make quick work of the cops and surprisingly, Abel restrains himself and doesn’t murder them all. They take off after Cain, but the dude knows what he’s doing. He takes out the drone that’s been following him and shoots his way through a crowd of people.

Going back to the past once again, we see Miss Abernathy trying to break Cain out of the school. But they knew it was coming, and Abel is waiting for them in the middle of the road. Before we can see what comes of that, it’s back to the present. Abel is working through Cain’s plan in his head, trying to figure out what the endgame is. With some help from Bob and Marty, they figure out that while everyone is watching Cain, the rest of the group is going after the mayor.

This book keeps getting better and better every issue. I am always wary of these types of stories in comics because they’re not what I’m used to, but I can’t help but love it when it’s done this well. Please bring this creative team onto a bigger book, DC. Please.

Bits and Pieces:

I understand that this type of intense, gory story might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but this book deserves a shot from anyone that enjoys well-written comics. Justin Jordan and Ibrahim Moustafa are really, really good.


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