Thursday, August 3, 2017

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week 8/2/17

Name Recognition

Welcome to the month of August, when New York City reek of urine intensifies tenfold. I wonder if that had an affect on there being two "Green" covers in this week's list of the Best? Probably not. Click on to see which covers won the coveted Weirdy Award!

Green Lanterns #28 variant
Brandon Peterson
This is the kind of cover that will make someone a fan of Jessica Cruz forever. The beatific look on her face, the pose, a color vertically bisected by pink and green--it speaks to me, and I bet it would speak to other customers, as well. Normally, we would expect to see a hero broadly grinning in this pose, but considering Jessica's anxiety problems, this makes sense.

Green Arrow #27
Juan Ferreyra
Stare too long at this cover, and you'll get vertigo! Here's a lesson in composition and perspective, with some serious fury emanating from Luthor's face. Seriously, look at the guy, it's like someone told him the store ran out of his favorite head wax. The coloring does a lot of the work here, as Ferreyra applies watercolors expertly, and the shading is absolutely perfect.

Superman #28 variant
Jorge Jimenez and Alejandro Sanchez
Okay, my favorite thing here is the smiling little girl at center. But it's a pretty clever cover, besides. If it didn't have a big Superman logo across the top, you might turn it over a few times in your head, trying to figure out what's happening here. But we can tell it's Superman's shadow being cast from above, and the people are pretty thrilled about it.

Batman #28
Mikel Janin
Here we have the yin and the yang; the smiley and the frowny; the pale and the, uh, more pale. And the negative space between them, with the logo above, forms a silhouette of Batman. Really, you can't go wrong with Mikel Janin, the guy has that "comic book realism" down pat. The Joker, especially, is so expressive, I can nearly smell his disgust.

Justice League #26 variant
Yanick Panquette
It's reminiscent of a Shepard Fairey poster, but it's still so good. I love everything about it, from the way Simon and Jessica are slipped in at the lower right, to the flourishes, to the decision to do a three-color design. You may now produce posters of this for my purchase, DC. T-shirts would also be appreciated and bought.

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