Saturday, August 5, 2017

Robotech #1 Review and **Spoilers**

Invitation Number 201

Written by: Brian Wood
Art: Marco Turini
Colors: Marco Lesko
Letterer: John Workman
Release Date: August 2, 2017
Cover Price: $3.99


Robotech has been put in comic form prior to this new series. But this is my first experience reading the property in this format. I came from loving the cartoon growing up and recently binged the entire 85 episode season in four blocks. So I was jazzed to see Brian Wood’s take on this property. Going into the debut, I’m hoping to get the nostalgia feel of the show, while getting a new chapter in the Robotech saga. Let's get into this and see what Brian Wood serves up.

Opening the issue is the crash landing of the alien technology into Macross Island. Which will be developed into the Robotechnology. Ground Zero over the span of ten years, will evolve from a remote island to becoming Macross City, a populated city built around the Alien ship shrine.

We get an introduction to the cast of characters we’ll be following throughout the series. The sequences play's from the tv series and continues its adaptation vibe. From there introducing the invasion of the Zentradi army, turning Macross City into a war zone.

When Rick Hunter enters the Macross City unannounced, he’s escorted to the base to have words with his brother, Lieutenant Roy Fokker. It’s not the welcoming he expected, after his brother places in a holding area. But once the attack came, Rick wiggled out of those handcuffs to join the fight. Attempting to control a Veritech, we get the famed scene of Lisa Hayes giving Rick tips on how to use the mech. Switching the Veritech to ground support, Rick finds himself with Minmei, standing off against the fifty-foot tall Zentradi pilot.

If you had never watched the TV, this would be the perfect introduction to the Robotech franchise. But long time fans were probably expecting a new approach. The issue, for the most part, plays out the first episode the US series. I got all the nostalgia from reading this issue, getting to revisit scenes that were memorable to my childhood was pleasant to read. Brian Wood gives fans of the franchise a throwback introduction. The problem is I know how the story plays out, I’d rather pay my Netflix bill and binge the series again. I’m going to give the series a chance to flip the script and hopefully differentiate itself from what came before.

The art in no way is bad and doesn’t stick to original animation style. But with the nostalgic feel of the story, it could’ve better fitting to stick to the source. With a couple of off putting faces from Claudia Grant and Rick Hunter’s portrayal as Tom Cruise getting off the set of Top Gun, the revised character designs work. All the mech suits and background art look great and are the eye candy of the book.

Bits and Pieces:

Take a trip down memory lane if you loved Robotech as a kid. Just don’t expect a new tale just yet. New readers could honestly watch the first episode and get more out of it. Minus the clunky dialogue in the original show.



  1. 10 Foot Zentraedi pilot? Did he shrink in the wash or something?

  2. Throw a little water on him and he expands.