Saturday, May 26, 2018

Black Hammer: Age of Doom #2 Review

Lucy in the sky with demons

Written by: Jeff Lemire 
Art by: Dean Ormston 
Colors by: Dave Stewart 
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics 
Reviewed by: Andrew McAvoy 

This review is being typed up the very day that Dark Horse Comics announced a new hardcover collection of Jeff Lemire and Dean Ormston’s Black Hammer including all thirteen issues of the first Black Hammer series, the series annual, plus bonus material from the artists involved in the series.
I heard Lemire getting interviewed about this and it sounded really good and let me tell you, this is one slice of comic book history that would be worth owning in a beautiful edition. For me its one of the most important fictional worlds in comic books at the minute. Let's see how the latest instalment of Black Hammer: Age of Doom is!

Well, just when you think that this title can't get any wackier (and actually the ending of this issue suggests that the next issue may be even more trippy!!) it delivers us a slice of wonderful madness. This issue sees new Black Hammer Lucy Weber fighting her way out of the gritty dimension she was transported to last time. Problem is that when she does break out she finds herself escaping to, well, Hell (eek!!) and being pitted against trickster demons, Satan, and a bizarre emo god.

 So far so cool. Meanwhile back on Black Hammer farm Barbie and Gail are finding things tough, and Gail confides to Barbie of her previous love affair with Sherlock Frankenstein. This is an example of the ways in which we are starting to see the spin off series (Doctor Star and Sherlock Frankenstein) looping back into the main title. This world that Lemire has created is so vast, and broad and fun that its good to remember the clever interconnections within it at times.

Meanwhile the last page suggests that the next issue will be even more mind-bending as Lucy escapes Hell only to find herself in the surreal landscape of The Land of Nod. Luckily she has an awesome new sidekick called Jack Sabbath, a companion she picked up in Hell. Seriously you couldn't make this stuff up, unless you are a creative maverick Jeff Lemire. The roster of quirky characters keeps growing ever more delightful.

Bits and pieces

As always this knock-out team of Lemire, Ormston, Stewart and Klein deliver an intriguing slice of life within the Black Hammer continuity. It's been amazing to watch this series grow and its intricacy develop. Another strong issue.


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