Saturday, May 26, 2018

Star Trek: Discovery: Succession #2 Review

Warp Speed

Writer: Mike Johnson, Kirsten BeyerArtist: Angel HernandezPublisher: IDW PublishingRelease Date: May 23, 2018Cover Price: $3.99Review by: Joey Galvez

Ok so I’ve been a horrible Trekkie and haven't seen any episodes of Star Trek Discovery, but reading Star Trek Discovery Succession has sparked my interest. Writers Kirsten Beyer and Mike Johnson do a very good job in bringing me up to speed.  This issue takes place after season #1 and the U.S.S Discovery has returned to their original timeline one year later. The imperial flagship Charon has been destroyed by rebels and Emperor Georgiou is believed to be dead.

We get two hostile takeovers aboard the I.S.S Shenzhou. Michael Burnham's adopted daughter
 (yes I said, daughter) to Emperor Georgiou resurfaces as Alexander, Emperor Georgiou’s cousin has been self-appointed as heir to the throne and already has a nasty plan to destroy all non-human life he can find.

Okay,  so that's a lot to take in, especially if you're not caught up like me.  When I read the first two issues it didn't feel forced at all, but yes, there is a whole lot of stuff to process right off the bat. Credit to Beyer and Johnson, though, because at on time did I feel bombarded by an avalanche of info.

In this issue,  Alexander has already established his seat upon the throne and has been secretly working with scientists to create a weapon that can wipe out all non-human species and obviously just like any other Power hungry villain he's got a target in mind... the Klingons! Aboard the Shenzhou, Airiam part A.I. part human now has complete control of the bridge. The Shenzhou has been fashioned with the gene toxin and has orders to carry out the new Emperor's orders but targets one of his space stations instead.

We then see Burnham on planet Risa rounding up some baddies.  She tries to persuade Mudd to help with dethroning Alexander, but he's not swayed. We find Burnham on Qo'nos now creating an alliance with the Klingons. They devise a plan to assassinate the imperial govener, but he is beamed up before they can execute their plan, but not before he identifies Burnham is alive.

I really liked this issue.  Yea, there is a whole lot to catch up on (especially if you aren't caught up with the show), but I never felt overwhelmed.  My problem with most runs is keeping me interested in the first three issues. After reading this issue, I am very hopeful that the next issue is just as impressive and I will keep me going for a long time.

Bits and Pieces:

I really enjoyed the artwork and the story kept me intrigued.  The action was very well paced. Out of nowhere, I am looking forward to the next issue and that should be recommendation enough.


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