Thursday, May 24, 2018

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week: May 23, 2018

A Variance in Story

I'm gonna start off this week comparing two covers that, in conjunction, made me chuckle. They're not altogether bad covers on their own, but I've included them as Honorable Mentions because I felt like it. So this week, you get SEVEN covers on the list instead of just five! Everyone knows only the top three matter anyway, though. Let's get to it!

 Wonder Woman #47
Cover by Emanuela Luppacchino
Variant cover by Jenny Frison
Okay, I know there's no law that says variant covers should reflect what's happening within the book, and I understand that, very often, the variant cover artist doesn't even know the story. But I had to laugh at the disparity between these two: one has Wonder Woman clobbering Supergirl while Kara threatens her life, the other has them sharing ice cream. Not bad covers, either of them, though in different ways.

Batgirl #23 variant
Joshua Middleton
This is like the best-looking class picture ever. It's so bright and hopeful-looking, and of course the copious use of negative space, made somewhat possible by the omission of a logo, aids greatly in this impression. Oh, and Joshua Middleton happens to be a master who can dazzle with far less than what's here.

Detective Comics #981 variant
Rafael Albuquerque
I can't imagine this one was designed without the current variant cover layout in mind; the logo would have been plastered over Batman's face. Maybe this was cropped specially for this cover. The muted blue and overall two-color presentation are nice and stark, just what you want to see on a Gotham evening.

The Terrifics #4
Doc Shaner
Here's your lesson in perspective and foreshortening for the day. Of course, you had to have Plastic Man's gaping maw up front for best effect. Frankly, I'm not sure if I love this cover as much as I love the inclusion of a giant space squid. But yeah, the artwork is pretty sweet too.

Motherlands #5
Eric Canete
Vertigo covers don't normally make it to this list, but this one freaked me out enough that I felt I had to include it. Howling wolf-monster epaulets? Sure, I'll take it. The coloring does a lot of heavy lifting here, fading into shadows in the background that adds that air of mystery.

The Hellblazer #22 variant
Sean Phillips
Here's a cover I'm sure was designed with the old variant cover layout in mind, but has been served so well by the new one. Without a logo to chop up the upper third of the page, this sideways mouth looks all the more ominous. Never mind that we're getting that uvula-eye camera shot that is as terrific as it is impossible. John's slightly concerned expression is the cherry on this spooky sundae.

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  1. As usual, I loved the GLC variant. Granted, that's two Hal variants in a row, but they are just so great looking.