Monday, May 21, 2018

Captain America #702 Review - Marvel Monday

Free Jack

Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Leonardo Romero, Howard Chaykin, Rod Reis
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release Date: May 16, 2018
Cover Price: $3.99
Review by: Dispatchdcu (Check out all of  his awesome reviews!)

Jack Rogers in on the run. His face is posted everywhere for New Washington to see. Where can he hide? What can he do? Well, lucky for him, historians have a secret hideout to hang out with other historians that is excluded from time. Picture it like a Speakeasy meets Fight Club... but for time. No one is allowed to share what they talked about outside of this club and past transgressions are ignored. Good thing Jack is a historian! 
Well, while Jack is there hiding out, he finds this old wackadoo that everyone ignores who overheard his story and decides to share his eyeglass with him. In case you forgot, some eyes glasses that the Historians have, which were made from the time gem, can see back in time and have glimpses of the past.... some farther than others I guess. This old wackadoo’s can see WAY BACK! It sees a battle between Cap and Red Skull that somehow trapped them both inside a Cosmic Cube. 

Turns out, a long time ago, Cap and Red Skull must have battled and blew up a huge portion of Washington at the time. The radiation was so bad that people couldn’t go in there for years. So, no one has really checked out the rubble. After Jack escapes out the back of the Time club, he goes down to check out the rubble and continued to push through all of it until he came across this huge Cosmic Cube and Cap’s Shield. So, Jack uses the shield to break the cube open hoping to release Cap. Turns out, Red Skull is the one who pops out! But, where’s Cap? 
My thoughts: this is a very creative and imaginative story. I really do find it interesting and like the direction, the past two arcs have gone. It’s a great way to incorporate Cap in a story without the usual “Cap fights Hydra” or “yeah America” or “Cap fights Red Skull”. I am however a bit confused on some of the elements. There are some details about things that still have me stumped. I wanted to know more details about the historians and I want to know how the eyeglass works properly. 

I thought it could only see 10 minutes into the past the last issue. Now, it looks like it can see farther I guess... I don’t know. I also am confused on the genetic splicing of Caps genes. I thought they used his dead body in order to create these new humans. But if he’s stuck in the Cosmic Cube, that wouldn’t make sense. Again, I’m confused but not enough to draw me away from reading it. 
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Bits and Pieces:
Personally, I love the art and it does a great job giving it an older look but updated in a way. And, this is a must-read book that I keep pushing higher up on my pull list. It’s definitely in the top 4 books I want to read when it comes out. Waid is doing a fantastic job right now and everyone should be reading this. Add it to your pull. You’ll love it! 

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