Monday, May 21, 2018

Infinity Countdown: Daredevil #1 Review - Marvel Monday

Jive TURKey

Writer: Gerry Duggan
Art Team: Chris Sprouse, Phil Noto, Lee Ferguson
Release Date: May 16, 2018
Cover Price: $4.99

Infinity Countdown continues and despite getting the dreaded Marvel ‘Event’ label, the story has been very sound and enjoyable even. This week though it veers off into the dreaded tie-in territory. Its a fairly safe assumption to make, next to nobody enjoys these ‘tie-in issues’, except for the publishing companies who rake in loads of money, because they usually accomplish next to nothing besides that, except making people angry. So let's waste no more time here and see what we get in the first tie-in issue to Infinity Countdown. Will it continue the trend the series has set thus far? Or will it fall into the category of just another dreaded tie-in issue?

The story begins with Turk headed on his way to an NYC courthouse, where we quickly get a grip on how he uses the Mind Stone. The story progress to Turk crossing eyes with Matt Murdock as he’s waiting in line to enter the metal detectors. Turk recognizes and remembers a mugging, with a little help from the Stone, that Matt Murdock was also present and a part of, before the two head off their separate ways … Turk into the Courtroom, and Matt out of the Courthouse, as he changes into Daredevil attire.

Turk’s presence with the Stone at the Courthouse sways the Judge's decision, normally a fine man, in the favor of the scummy Defendant on trial to Matt/Daredevil’s surprise. Daredevil vows to look into this further as Turk rides away with the now free Defendant. Turk mentions how he wants no money just the gentlemen's ‘goon squad’ when he needs it. 

There is a really wonky part with the art in this section, with Daredevil riding on top of the car the two ‘villains’ are also riding off in. It seems like Daredevil's entire purpose of doing this is to hitch a ride, adding nothing else to the story, when he just vowed to catch up with Turk and find out what is going on. This all threw me right out of the story and that was before the awful ending.

The issue begins to wind down as Daredevil ends up eventually confronting Turk, who he just let get away. Turk, after a brief fight with DD, uses the Stone to influence Daredevil to basically just leave the scene, as the story concludes exactly where it started to begin with. The ugly problems and issues with tie-ins to event comics are very present in this issue, almost making it entirely a cash grab with no purpose, despite the fact its written by Gerry Duggan himself who is spearheaded this event series. A weird course of events at play here the writer must have assumed we were all in the dark about what the stone did, which is the only enjoyment I can see anyone taking out of this book. 

Overall, Infinity Countdown suffers its first hiccup of the series with an utterly pointless issue, priced at $4.99, that does nothing to move the story forward, other than display what the stone Turk posses can do, which we’ve already seen in the main series anyway. The art doesn't do the issue any favors either, while it's not bad, it does nothing to accentuate the story, and the characters all look extremely stiff, and even bored themselves at times as if they’re reflecting the mood of the people who read this.

Bits and Pieces:

Infinity Countdown: Daredevil is a blatant event title cash grab and suffers due to the fact it’s an uninteresting slog to read through with art that isn't eye-catching at all. It's basically a story that didn't need to be told and accomplishes nothing all for the price tag of $4.99.


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