Monday, May 21, 2018

X-Men: Red #4 Review - Marvel Monday

Better Dead than...

Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Mahmud A. Asrar
Release Date: May 16, 2018
Cover Price: $3.99
Review by: Dispatchdcu (Read all of his awesome reviews)

I am loving this X-men title. In a franchise that can be confusing as religion, X-men Red does a good job taking you in slowly and has been showing us all how the team is going to be formed and who the big bad appears to be.
I feel the X-men franchise is one that turns new readers away with its complexity. But Taylor has done a great job explaining where this crew is at to this rookie (maybe 4th-year sophomore at this point) and keeps me wanting to come back for more each month. 

This issue basically shows us the possible big bad, which is now sentinels, but nano ones that implant themselves in your brain causing you to act like a He-man Mutant Hater! And, if it affects a mutant brain, it sends them off the reservation entirely, I’m talking large Casinos, which is why Storm was going Baboon poop crazy at the end of the last issue and the beginning of this one. 

The X-men crew are forced to leave Wakanda due to the impact it will have on their society because these nano-sentinels already found Storm here in Wakanda so who knows where else they could find the X-men. So, they pack up and head to Namor in this underwater city that’s not Atlantis but someplace else I guess... 

Jean brings Gentle ( Wakandan Mutant), who we don’t completely know his power set yet other than it effects him painfully and it looks like he can grow really large..... and Storm tags along as well. Trinary creates suits for the rest of the team that will stop access to any control of any nano-sentinels on, in, or around their body. This helps them, but they need to wear them at all times. Namor joins the team and of course, we can’t forget about Nightcrawler, Honey Badger, and Wolverine (girl daughter-ish version). So, we know the bad guy-ish and we know the team as the story kicks off. we even know their hideout. So what’s next? 

If you want to read an X-men book, pick this one up. They got “their band” together and I think we will be getting the show on the road for next issue. I’d slide this one in the upper half of my stack right now but not too high.... yet. Why? Simply because nothing has really happened yet. Once the story picks up, which I’m sure Tom Taylor’s creativity will get this book buzzing, I can see this sliding up higher and higher as the weeks go on.

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Bits and Pieces:

It’s not a great issue to jump on but I’d go back and read 1-3 first and then this one to get up to speed. I again think this series may be the best X-men series we have ongoing so if you want your X-men free ranged, gluten-free, and without lactose, this comic won’t give you any of that BUT it’s still really good. Technically, it’s gluten-free and lactose-free if you enjoy that... 


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  1. One of the best X-men color books! Hopefully we see more of Black Panther and Namor