Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Justice League: No Justice #3 Review

Out Of Time

Written By: Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Joshua Williamson
Art By: Riley Rossmo, Marcus To, Hi-Fi, Andworld Designs
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: May 23, 2018

Let's check back in on our Justice League teams of Entropy, Mystery, Wonder and Wisdom as they try to save Colu from being devoured by the Omega Titans.  Previously, it seemed that while our heroes and villains got to where they needed to go in order to enact Brainiac's plan, they just didn't know what to do and by the end of the last issue, I had no idea what they could do either.  Hopefully, that changes here as we get our penultimate issue to this mini event, where maybe, just maybe....... we'll get some answers to what's going on here.  Let's jump into this issue and check it out.

Our issue begins with our heroes still in the same boat as they were in previously and while Vril Dox does lay out his father's plan to Team Entropy and to us, about how Brainiac planned on screwing everyone over so that he could finally conquer Colu, it doesn't do much to explain what our heroes need to do to keep the Omega Titans at bay.

Yeah, that changes because of the magical power of belief and while I do love seeing our teams actually do something productive in this issue, it all comes across a bit forced to get to the real meat of the story for next issue, but all in all this was actually pretty exciting, even if things didn't work out the way that I would have hoped.  The character interactions in this issue seemed to be some of the strongest that we've seen in this mini so far and the biggest problem with the issue overall was the art by Riley Rossmo, whom I'll never be a fan of and it's because of this that my enjoyment of the book took a bit of a nose dive because every time I'd turn the page I'd see some terrible caricature of heroes I know and love.  Now, this might not be a problem for some, I now that Riley has his fans, but for me this was a complete dip in quality after having two issues with Francis Manapul kicking ass and taking names.  

Overall, the feel of this story still comes off a bit silly to me with the concepts of the energies and the representations of them through the trees, but I found this issue that I was able to put a lot of that aside and just go with the flow and it didn't hurt that we finally had the majority of our characters doing something here.  I just wish the art was better in this issue because this would probably be my favorite installment so far and I only hope that Marcus To, who did the final few pages gets the entire issue next week.

Bits and Pieces:

While I'm not a fan of the majority of the art style for this issue, the overall story felt tighter than previously and the characters all felt right with their dialog.......... The damn art though........ It killed me.  We've got some really big developments going down in this installment and because of them I can't wait to get to the final issue next week to see what all goes down.  



  1. Some of the absolute worst art I have seen lately. And then it wasn't.

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  3. Booooooo!!! This story sucks, the art sucks(Looking at you team wisdom, damn mongaloids), Vril Dox character being turned into a whinning child of Brainiac sucks considering he was a badass prior,the implications of the universe expanding is a little interesting.

  4. if you strip away all the bells and whistles down to the bones of the story, it's not interesting at all

  5. The art.... wtf is this art.... I thought Jr Jr was my most hated artist. Well that role is now filled. Overall though the story still has me intetested. All the characters sound the easy they should so I guess that makes me happy enough. Alot to the up in one issue but I have faith in Snyder. 7.5/10

    1. Lol...since monster men, Riley tops my list of most hated

  6. I was hyped for this book being a sucker for cosmic stories but for such a big story they ruined it with bad artwork. How they ever thought this was acceptable is baffling but at least the story is interesting.

  7. Another home run by Scott Snyder! He's killing it on this series! A perfect blend of story and art!