Saturday, May 26, 2018

Skyward #2 Review

These (magnetic) boots are made for walkin'

Written by: Joe Henderson
Art by: Lee Garbett
Colors by: Antonio Fabela
Letters by: Simon Bowland
Publisher: Image Comics
Reviewed by: Andrew McAvoy

I review off digital files but I usually buy the books I like on New Comic Book Day so that I can own a hard copy. The first issue of this series was remarkably hard to get my hands on, and I managed to scoop up a copy before the price went way up.

There's a reason for that. As well as being a very intriguing story the art was damn fine, and the cover definitely had eye appeal. Last issue was quite a light read, and the one nagging doubt I had was whether this series would find it hard to move past the "light hearted fun" category of comics. Did it manage it with this issue? Let's find out.

Well, I need not have worried (I mean of course this book would obtain a level of gravity, although there is no gravity "in" the book, I mean...oh you know what I mean).  Seriously though, this book really retains the fun, but adds a level of depth, as we explore more of Willa and her father's back story. There is a tension between the two explored by Henderson that suggests a rich seam to be mined in later in this series. Elsewhere the story revolves around Willa's desire to break out of her routine and leave the windy city. The wish to explore further afield leads her to an interesting encounter towards the end of the book and one which could have big ramifications for her and her father.

The art though is the clincher in this book. Every page, every panel is just beautiful to look at. There is a lovely little interview at the end that highlights the art by Garbett that also pays particular attention to Fabela's art work. This is really, high end art. It is perfectly attuned to my own personal tastes as well which enhances the experience of it. I defy anyone however not to be impressed by the really wonderful art in this book, and in particular the cover (see above). Now that's what I call shelf appeal.

Bits and Pieces

This exceeds the achievements of the first issue, which I was already pretty happy with. It moves the plot on quite a bit, expands the cast of characters and adds a very tangible sense of peril at the end. All wrapped up with some awesome artwork. Enjoy!


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