Saturday, May 26, 2018

Gasolina #8 Review

Homeland Defense

Written by: Sean Mackiewicz
Art by: Niko Walter
Colors by: Matt Lopes
Letters by: Rus Wooton
Publisher: Image
Review by: Andrew McAvoy

Every time I read this book I get my expectations subverted. Not in a Rian Johnson a good way! I always think its going to go in one direction and then it hauls me in a different one. That suggests to me that the final spectrum of this series is going to be very wide, and it could hit a very high issue count. That excites me as it makes me think this could be a cartel-alien equivalent of The Wire. Let's go down in the hole and see what this issue was all about.

This issue sees Amalia defending her household against some unwanted guests, while Los Queridos’ monsters leave nothing but death and destruction throughout Veracruz. Meanwhile Randy's weapons deal is seemingly going well, but we overhear a conversation that would suggest that he might want to pull out of it asap. The atmosphere is very tense in this book.

The art in this series is consistently good but one thing I've noticed is that it is extremely good at depicting still, ominous evening scenes. This issue does this wonderfully in the scenes around the house as Amalia shows exactly why she is such a strong character in this series. She is really deadly with a rifle and not to be trifled with (oh! Rifle and trifle, I like that).

Bits and pieces

Overall, this issue continues the trend in this series of filling in another part of the painting. The thing is, each time we get another little element detailed, it raises other questions and broadens the canvas again. I don't care, this title keeps getting more and more intriguing and I'm all aboard for the long haul. Another good issue.


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