Thursday, September 26, 2013

Action Comics #23.4 Metallo Review

He'll be Back

I have to admit, I don't have much of a history with Metallo.  My first exposure was the early New 52 Action Comics issues he was in.  Truth be told, I forgot all about him since.  Sholly Fisch and Steve Pugh give us Metallo in Action Comics #23.4 and while he still isn't my favorite, I liked this issue.

The New 52 Metallo origin has been told.  This story picks up after the failed "Metal-Zero" experiment.  Master Sargent John Corben is in a coma in need of a "jolt".  Maybe kryptonite will do the trick?  Nothing could go wrong with that plan, right?  Well, it does revive him and he is put into service as a cyborg weapon.  Unfortunately, Corben was never psychologically stable and it shows on the battlefield.  It is the standard "but I get the job done" and "I do what no one else wants too" story.  The US Government doesn't see it that way and they betray Sgt. Corben and leave him for dead...twice.  Metallo is hard to kill though, and the issue ends with him being recruited to the Secret Society by Scarecrow.

Sholly Fisch does a great job taking the mess of an origin of Metallo and making him into a dangerous and interesting villain.  I actually want to see how Superman deals with Metallo in the future.

Steve Pugh's art is fantastic.  Metallo walking the ocean floor is a standout as well as the splash page of his exploding jet.

Villain Month has been more miss than hit to me.  Sholly Fisch and Steve Pugh give us the continuing origin of Metallo and I liked it.  We get an understanding of his motivations and see how deep his hate for those who wronged him is.


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