Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Aquaman #23.2 Ocean Master Review

Show Orm the Way to Go Home

Orm is an Atlantean who just wants to go home.  That basically sums up Aquaman #23.2.  With the chaos of Forever Evil happening around him, Orm just wants someone to point the way to the Ocean and all will be good.

This was a pretty good issue.  It fits snugly into the main series with only the backdrop of Forever Evil as a tie-in.  Orm doesn't concern himself with the Secret Society or even the craziness of the Belle Reve breakout.  His only concern is the ocean and getting back to Atlantis.  Orm is not a bad guy.  He just has his own motivations and methods.

He also looks awesome.  Artist  Geraldo Borges does an excellent job keeping this issue consistant to the series at whole.  It helps that regular colorist Rod Reis is involved as well.

Aquaman #23.2 is a good issue.  Orm is not a true villain.  He isn't a horrible guy intent on the destruction of the World.  He is a man who just wants to go home and make sure his people are ok.   I loved Orm before this issue and it did nothing to quell that love.


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