Friday, September 27, 2013

Green Lantern #23.4 Sinestro Review

Each DC Superhero has his main villain.  Batman has Joker, Superman has Lex Luthor and Hal Jordan has Sinestro.  In Green Lantern #20 Geoff Johns' said farewell to the Green Lantern Universe by giving us the story of Sinestro's redemption.  A fitting end to the character?  Maybe, but in comics it's hard to keep a good villain down, and Sinestro is a great one.  Green Lantern #23.4 is a retelling of how Sinestro became a Lantern and why he became the Corps greatest villain.

Matt Kindt does a good job of recounting Geoff Johns' version of Sinestro.  We get some behind the scenes looks at him and they are interesting, especially the ones with his wife, Arin Sur.  The whole book reads like a DVD Director's Cut of the Geoff Johns run.  Unfortunately, for those who have followed the story, it is pretty much a recap.  For those new to the GL Universe, this book is a great way to learn about Sinestro without having to search out back issues.

The art of Dale Eaglesham is very good.  The borders are what readers will notice first and the are an amazing addition to the story.  For a story so heavy on recap, making everything look like it fits is the first priority and Eaglesham does it with ease.

Green Lantern #23.4 is a refresher course in Sinestro.  For those in the know already, this book is not really  necessary.  However, it looks like we are going to see more of Sinestro in the near future, so this is a good jumping on point for the uninitiated.


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