Thursday, September 26, 2013

Batman #23.4 Bane Review

Hide the Little Girls

Bane is a bad guy.  If you don't believe me, ask the little girl he punched in the face in Batman #23.4.  Yes, when he isn't breaking backs he punches little girls.  This is not my only problem with Bane's Villains Month issue though, so you can guess that it is not my favorite issue this week.

What you get with Batman #23.4 is a rehash of Bane's origin story and a lead up to Arkham War.  Not much else.  In fact, Peter Tomasi really doesn't give us much of a story at all.  Bane kills the weak, he hates Batman and wants to take over Gotham.  Oh yea, he also punches little girls.  That's about it. I expect more from a great writer like Tomasi.  I guess if you want Bane's story you can get it here, but  I'd recommend  "Vengeance of Bane" instead.

Graham Nolan's art, on the other hand, is great.  He is one of Bane's original creators so it is great that he is involved and better yet that his art is the highlight.

Batman #23.4 is not a great book.  Peter Tomasi's script doesn't give us much at all to enjoy here.  We get Bane's rehashed origin story and a lame lead up to Arkham War.  The art of Graham Nolan is great but can't make up for the lack of any real story here.  I'd rather punch a little girl than read this again.


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