Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Justice League #23.4 Review and *SPOILERS*

Evil Alfred Has a Secret, and He's Not Telling...Probably Till Next Issue.

Hey kids! an interesting origin story!  YAY!  Alright enough of that.  It's not so much of an origin story but it is Owlman on Earth 3 which is where he originated from.....Yeah I'm really stretching this.  Yeah so this issue of Justice League we're dealing with the Secret Society, and by Secret Society I'm talking about Owlman and the Outsider, and by Owlman, and the Outsider I'm talking about Earth 3.  Okay okay, I'm sorry.  But this is actually pretty fun.

Let's get into it.  We're told that Evil Alfred has a secret and he's not telling.  But he lets it slip that it's about why he has devoted his life to Owlman.  So mysterious.  Anyway into the meat of it.  Evil Alfred is driving down the alleyways of Gotham tracking Owlman's signal as he jumps rooftops.  Talon "Evil Night Wing" is missing, and the Joker is loose in the city.  So think of everything you know about Batman and the Joker, and reverse it BAM! Earth 3.  Owlman has control of Gotham, and rules it with an iron fist.  Joker wants to destroy the control he has and introduce chaos to free the people.  

Owlman catches up to Joker, but the joker has laid out wrapped presents that look like a stick figure body.  Owlman opens the boxes and finds the body parts of Talon.  The Joker is about to attack Owlman with killer cards, but before he can Evil Alfred shoots two of this fingers off.  We see that Talon ran off to confront the Joker because Owlman told him that the Joker killed his parents.  The Outsider is not happy about the decision in telling him, and he's also not happy about Owlman banging SuperWoman when Talon was being murdered.  While the two are arguing the Joker gets the upper hand again and shoots Joker Venom onto Evil Alfred's face.  The Outsider starts laughing as you'd image, and Owlman throws Joker off a roof.  Owlman injects the Outsider with a cure, and the police overhead decide this is the perfect time to take out Owlman.

In the end the police go down, and the skies turn red.  The Crime Syndicate need to escape their dying world.  As we've seen Outsider, and Atomica are the only two to escape. The Outsider starts the Secret Society, and now Nightwing is tied up, and the Outsider isn't happy that Owlman just won't kill him.  Owlman wants to turn Nightwing to their side.  But the Outsider wants to convince him to kill him.

This was a really fun issue, just because of the Earth 3 stuff.  I love seeing the multiverse in action.  There really isn't much to say about this besides the fact that it's about time we get to the meat of what really happening in the DC Universe.  It really got me hyped for Forever Evil #2.  The artwork was great, the story was fun.  My only downside is I hate being left in suspense.  This seemed to be a bit of a prologue to the next issue of Forever Evil, than it's own stand alone.  Anyways check it out.


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