Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Batman/Superman #3.1 Review and *SPOILERS*

Doomsday?  Zod?  I Don't Really Know.

On Krypton a few years back, the House of El sits around on Remembrance Day, and talks about what happened.  Yup Kryptonian ghost stories.  

Fun fact that I didn't know was that Lara was a soldier, and during the assault of the monster, she fought Doomsday.  But she was terribly overwhelmed.  That is until the Zod shows up and takes the monster on.  A great battle ensues and they talk about how many people died during this battle which just made me think of the Man of Steel movie, and the battle of Metropolis.  "Never Forget".  
But just as your getting into the story Lara is telling us, there is a scream off panel.  Zor El runs in Kara's room and we find that she has been listening to Aunt Lara's story, and wants to hear more.  He tells her about Zod doing bad things, and being sentenced to exile in the Phantom Zone.  Then we get a big filler in the story about the legend of the House of El that Zor El tells Kara.  We then see him tell her the Death of Superman story.  I wonder if the El Legend ruined comics for the Kryptonians?

Alright back to the story, kind of.  After Zor El leaves Kara's room a spectral Zod shows up and tells Kara more of the story.  But nothing definitive.  We don't know what happened to Doomsday, if he got captured in the Phantom Zone, or what.  But it's either that or Zod became Doomsday, because the spectral energy keeps changing between Zod, and Doomsday, so I have no idea.  But Zod tells of the day that he will be strong enough to walk through the portal and be flesh again, so I guess the same could be said for Doomsday.

I would of really preferred a straight forward story of Remembrance Day like the book started.  But what we got was a cluttered story that didn't seem to know what it wanted to be.  The artwork by Brett Booth was fantastic like always, but when I end a story and I don't know what exactly went on, I find myself robbed a bit.  Greg Pak is a decent writer so I have no idea why the middle of this issue becomes the Death of Superman story.  Just seemed like filler that didn't need to be there.


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