Thursday, September 26, 2013

Superman #23.4 Review and *SPOILERS*

Hungry?  Suck on This.

I'm okay with this just to let you know, but it still feels like a guilty pleasure.  Alright I'll just come out with it; Parasite is one of my favorite Superman villains.  Okay it's out.  But seriously this is a underrated villain, and I was so happy to hear he was getting his own title in Villain's Month.  But.....

So we find out that the Parasite was a jerk off bike messenger with the serial killer name of Joshua Michael Allen, who gets confronted by a giant space loogy.  he tries to fight it off and electrocutes it with a downed power line, and accidentally zaps himself as well.  So it looks like he got out of it all with only a few scrapes, and cuts, and a broken leg.  That is until S.T.A.R. Labs contacts him about the encounter.  During a scan of the area the space boogie was on.  For some reason this causes him to spontaneously transform into a skinny purple leech man.  "Okay we'll just turn on this scanner and, Oh no a skinny purple leech man."  Stupid.

So the Parasite wandered around telling us about how he tried to have a normal life, and we all know that he did what he did when he was normal.  Just now he literally sucked the life out of the people around him.  So the Parasite tries to do the only noble thing he had ever done in his life.  Kill himself.  But no, Superman saves him because, well that what he does.  The Parasite gets a taste of the big man, and a fight ensues, and Parasite learns he also got Superman's powers along with the satisfaction of being full.  All's going well for Parasite until the power wears off, and Joshua Michael Allen finds himself in Belle Reve.  Eight months pass until the Crime Syndicate shuts down the world.  And Parasite is hungry.

I'm just very disappointed in this issue.  I don't know if I hyped myself up or what, but by the end of it, I just expected more.  We had a chance to reinvent the Parasite, and make him a interesting character, and what we get is a irredeemable low life dick hole.  This character before he became a monster was the worst kind of asshole, the kind that doesn't know their an asshole.  I might go on with this disappointment for awhile so I better get back to the book.  I hated the character, the story was decent enough, but the artwork really didn't hold my interest.  That's about all I got sorry.  But I'll try to rate it fair and put my own biased opinions aside.  


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