Thursday, September 26, 2013

Justice League of America #7.4 Review and *SPOILERS*

A Resurrection, In A Comic Book?  Ridiculous.

Alright now we're up to a Villain's Month character that only appeared in one full comic, and who died.  I'm a fan of Black Adam but come on.  They really couldn't find another villain to give a title to?

Back in Kahndaq.  We're told a story about the protector of the country, Black Adam.  How the gods gave him this power after his family was killed, and he used this power to turn the evil dictator to stone, and free the people of Kahndaq.  But the evil gods sent him away and locked him in a prison but one day Black Adam will return.  Oh but we weren't being told this story, a man named Amon was, and the revolutionary group the Sons of Adam want to recruit Amon for his translation skills.  Amon tells his sister who is about peaceful protest about his new organization, and she's not happy about all the killing and the blowing up of things that the group does.  Huh.  But Amon will not hear it.

Amon meets the Sons of Adam in the desert where they give him a parchment from the book of the dead.  Amon translates it, and before he can complete the incantation to revive Black Adam, the Kahndaq army shows up to kill the terrorist group.  Amon is shot.  Amon's sister races to him, and before he dies he begs his sister to finish the spell, and say the word of power, SHAZAM!  Black Adam has returned.

The army believes that this is just a trick from the resistance.  So the best way to prove a trick?  Yeah lets shoot it in the head.  Oh silly Kahndaq army.  The Sons of Adam quickly tell Black Adam the score, and he goes on a rampage of murder and mayhem in the name of freedom.  In the end Black Adam kills the ruler of Kahndaq by literally crushing him with the throne.  Black Adam sits on the rubble of the throne content with himself, when all the power goes out.  On a screen he reads "This world is ours".  All angry and Black Adam like he proclaims "This world belongs to no one".

Alright.  Black Adam, yeah.  I really liked this issue with one exception.  Now I know I'm a comic book fan, I've been reading them most of my life, but I thought we had gotten to the point where if a character dies, he just doesn't come back right away because it suits a story.  I don't know maybe I'm way off base, but couldn't we of had another Shazam villain if that's what they wanted?  Dr. Sivana couldn't of filled the role of a Villain's Month?  Anyway this is going to become ranting if I don't stop myself so, this issue was really good, and I'd recommend it to anyone who read the Shazam back ups in Justice League.  With all that said, I guess just check it out.


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