Friday, September 27, 2013

The Flash #23.3 The Rogues Review

They are Family

The Rogues may not be the smartest villains.  They don't have the best powers and they don't always pose the greatest threat to the DCU.  What they do have is each other and as we see in The Flash #23.3, that goes a long way.

The Rogues are so much fun.  They are C list villains and not only know that, but seem the revel in it.  They have a code of honor and when a heist goes wrong, they seem to be the least surprised.  There are so many funny little moments in this issue that I was actually laughing out loud at points.

The Flash #23.3 shows a little team history, including how they got their New 52 powers, but does a great job of mirroring the events of Forever Evil as well.  This issue leads right into the Forever Evil Rogues Rebellion and a battle with Gorilla Grodd.  Like the other Flash Villains Month books, it helps that series regular, Brian Buccellato, is at the helm.

The art by Patrick Zircher is really good.  It is a little less cartoony than the regular Flash series, but it fits the blue collar element the Rogues represent.  Like the Rogues themselves, it is a little more gritty and I like it.

The Rogues are always good fun and The Flash #23.3 is no exception.  They are a Family, they stick together and they never ever kill.  I love them and I loved this issue.  Highly recommended.


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