Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Batman: The Dark Knight #23.4 Review and *SPOILERS*

Duela's Bringing Ugly Back.  

Now we're up to a character that has caused a big stir in DC readers, causing such a stir that people actually read the last issue of Cat Woman, and now she's in her own Villain's Month whether she deserves it or not.  Joker's Daughter.

We get an origin of the Joker's Daughter and her fucked up life, and we get the origin on how she became leader of a tribe in the Gotham Underground.  Sadly after reading I care less than I did before.  But let's start out this review.  Duela goes underwater to where a section of Gotham used to be before they flooded it to make the Gotham Reservoir.  Her intent is to find things worth bartering for.  Alright so he have the beginning of this book taking a cue from Water World.  Not where you want to be right now book.  So she finds a piece of metal shaped like a crescent moon.  Back to the surface.  There she looks into the water to see her reflection.  At first she thought she was beautiful, oh but really it's a loose face floating in the water.  Joker's face.  So as she puts it "Ugly is the new beautiful"  so she obviously puts the face on.  

So what does a young girl with a new face do?  She goes out to fight for women everywhere.  Well everywhere in her surrounding area.  The whole issue becomes about men bad, women good.  So because it seems clever she puts the crescent on a piece of wood and heats it up and brands smiles into the men's faces.  And everyone goes with it because apparently everyone in this tribe was from Arkham, and remembers when the Joker ran things, and the face has power.  Duela then goes to the tribe leader Charon, and even though he wants her to join, since she's an empowered Joker faced woman she has to fight him for leadership.

She loses, so what do we get next?  A origin story like we just got from Larfleeze a few months back.  She tells a story, but everything we see says different.  Basically she was a fucked up kid that killed animals and cut herself and her parents didn't know what to do with her, so she ran away to the luxurious Gotham Underground.  So now that Charon drops his guard from her creepiness, she brands a smile on his face, and all of the tribe rejoices.  All hail women.

So much for hype.  This story is what you'd expect from Ann Nocenti lately, she tries really hard but in the end you decide to drop that title all together.  The artwork isn't bad, but it isn't enough to save the issue.  The story began like Water World and by the end I'm surprised the Joker's Daughter didn't have the whole Gotham Underground burning their bras.  I usually don't say things like this but save yourself the money and pick up a different book, hell get a back issue of Superboy, or Green Arrow, they won't be as bad as this.


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