Sunday, September 22, 2013

Justice League #23.3 Dial E Review

A Dial Not Many Will Answer

Dial H was a daring, inventive and horribly selling title.  When it was announced I wondered how it could possibly survive, but with China Mieville writing I knew it would be interesting.  When the inevitable happened and it was canceled I was surprised to hear it was getting a Villains Month issue, especially under the Justice League name.  Could this be a way to introduce new readers to the world of The Dial and all of it's craziness?  Unfortunately, no.

The story takes place during the beginning chaos of Forever Evil.  With superheros gone and minor thugs running amok, a group of kids get their fingers on the Dial.  What follows is a roll call of super villains all stranger than the last.  This is the charm and the downfall of the issue.  Yes, the characters are great.  Some have funny names, some have the most inventive powers and others just pop off the page.  However, we never get to know them and the fast pace makes the story confusing.  China Mieville does end the story in a way that will put a smile on any of the handful that followed the book.  I just wish it had the fun and heart of the actual series.

I would list the artists but I don't know if I have enough space.  There are twenty two artists.  Yes, twenty two.  One for each page.  It may sound ridiculous, but it works.  Each Dial villain gets its own look.
Cartoony one page, highly detailed the next and so on.  I went back to look at each artists page to see their take and style.  It's like looking through each of their portfolios.

Overall, this isn't the issue that will turn people on to the Dial H Universe.  It is interesting, but also very confusing.  As a coda, I don't think it succeeds.


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