Friday, September 27, 2013

Adventures of Superman #22 Review

Superman is busy fighting a giant gorilla in downtown Metropolis when a he overhears that Krypton never was destroyed.

Writer Marc Guggenheim and artist Joe Bennett do a great job in giving us a start to the three part "Tears of Krypton" story arc.  Superman always has an ear out for any mention of Krypton and when he is told his home world never was destroyed, he goes to the only source to verify it.  Back at the Kent homestead he listens to the message from his Father, Jor-El.  It is a well known recording, but hearing it now after the news it does seem a little ambiguous.  Superman must feel the same because he takes flight into space to find out the truth for himself.  What he sees is intriguing and makes me look forward to see where this arc goes.

Adventures of Superman #22 continues the quality this book has had since being introduced.  This may actually be the best Superman book being published now and I don't think anyone who gives this issue a try will be disappointed.


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