Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Justice League #2 Review

Things Happen and Stuff

Written by: Bryan Hitch
Art by: Tony S. Daniel, Sandu Florea, Tomeu Morey and Richard Starkings
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: August 3 ,2016

I have not been a fan of this book so far.  It's a shame too since I consider Justice League to be the biggest book in DC's lineup and was so excited to finally get to review it.  Eric got Geoff Johns and I get Bryan Hitch.  Hey, I'd love to say this is a no judgement zone, but by its very nature, it isn't even close.  So, as I go into this issue of Justice League, all I can say is, "Prove me wrong, Hitch...Prove me wrong!"

The issue opens with a newscaster telling us what's what, including what really should be the Green Lanterns eulogy.  They fell into a tsunami without their rings being powered.  That should equal death!  We don't get a whole lot of information because the talking head suddenly is possessed by... I'm not totally sure if it's the same thing as last issue, but they are "awakened".

We then see Simon and Jessica and they have their power back and after little explanation, are evacuating Hong Kong.  Yes, Jessica can kind of make basic constructs suddenly, but I was still stuck on how the Lanterns and the people of Hong Kong possibly survived the tidal wave in the first place. They also seemed to forget that most of the people were possessed and that forgetfulness starts biting them in the ass again.

It's not a big deal because something happens in Central City and Hong Kong that ends the possession and I really wish I could tell you more, but I have no idea myself.  Jessica does say that the water is taken care of, which made me laugh out loud.  Way to tell us, not show us there, Hitch!

Then, Cyborg calls the Lanterns to the Watchtower and Batman calls Flash to Gotham.  In Gotham, we see Flash gather the insects that are attacking the city and Batman says they will send them to ARGUS for analysis...analysis that ARGUS won't share with the League.  I know this was supposed to be a joke, but it came off as really odd.  Again, it's okay, because Batman tells us what they are anyway.

While Cyborg really wants everyone to join him in the Watchtower (another Moroccan night?), we check in with Aquaman first.  He's worried about Atlantis and gathering little crystal figures.  Really, that's what he is doing!

We finally get to the Watchtower and Cyborg shows everyone that something is causing the earthquakes to happen worldwide.  Something.  Something ancient.  Once again, I wish I could tell you more.  We then get a little recap of the Kindred including Wonder Woman jumping to conclusions. Unfortunatley, an alien invasion happens and Batman talks biological weapons and plague and something needs to be done and it all points to Superman.

After one last confusing visit with Aquaman, the issue ends with Batman going to ask Superman for help.  Oh yea, he also mentions defeating Rao which should not be a thing.  The story never ended, Bryan!  Please don't try to convince us it did!

Things happen in this issue and they are pretty big things, but that doesn't mean they are good.  They aren't and neither is this book.  With so many awesome options in Rebirth, this is the bottom of the barrel and a Justice League book should never be in that position.  While all the other books focus on legacy and feel fresh, Bryan Hitch is giving us a confusing tale involving characters he doesn't seem to know how to write.  If things turn around, I will be a happy man, but Hitch has a body of work that doesn't make me positive of that at all.  If you like this book so far, please tell me why because I hate it.

I do love Tony Daniel's art and while this issue doesn't look as great as the last, it still looks damn good.  At least Daniel knows the characters and gives us what seems like the best version of each, but there just isn't a whole lot for them to do here.

Bits and Pieces:

I can easily say now that Justice League is my least favorite Rebirth book.  Bryan Hitch just keeps heaping confusing plots on top of convoluted situations and the result is something I don't care anything about.  That also goes for the characters that are so wooden and one dimensional under his hand that I have no connection with them at all.  No connection with the Justice League?  That is something that should be a given going in, but somehow Hitch has severed that tie.  Tony Daniel's art is still the highlight, but it can't make me recommend this book to anyone.  I will repeat myself here...I hate it!



  1. Agreed that this is easily the worst Rebirth book. I didn't touch his JLA series either so I had no clue about that thunderbolt of Wonder Woman's. First time i saw it I was like what the fuck is this bullshit...had to research it to see that he did it in that "other" book that sold so well but sucked so much balls I never bothered with it.

    1. we mentioned it on the podcast...the bolt (and also Aquaman's trident) is lifted straight from JLA. Awful.

    2. Must have missed that part. It takes me all week of driving to get through a podcast, so sometimes I miss things :P Hell, my son loves listening now and has grabbed on to your "ello love" and runs around all day long...he ran from the damn shower to his room saying it and I was like damn, he's already talking to his weiner LOL. Now he wants me to say it to the waitresses at the Diner we frequent LOL.

  2. How can DC let this happen to Justice League?! Batman, Superman, and Justice League should be the flagship books of their line. While I am really liking Batman and Superman, Justice League is complete garbage. I feel bad for Tony Daniel, because his unbelievable work is being spit on by a terrible story and stupid dialogue. Now I know how you feel Jim, because I'm getting angrier the more I think about it and try to write down everything that pisses me off about this book. if you take away the amazing art, this book is garbage.

  3. I'm still waiting on someone to suggest something Hitch did that was worth reading ... I hate his art too so please don't suggest anything he drew instead.

    Holy shit this is the Springfield tire fire ... I legit don't believe for one sec ok ND Hitch finishes this and thinks "yup that's gold right there". He's got naked pictures of someone in the DC office.

  4. This was the best issue yet, finally felt like a Justice League book. Maybe it was all of the character switching that made it fun for me.