Monday, August 1, 2016

Venom: Space Knight #10 Review - Marvel Mondays

Baby come back!

Written by:Robbie Thompson
Art by: Kim Jacinto, Ario Anindito, Java Tartagila, & Andrew Crossley
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: July 27, 2016
Review by: Branden Murray

Venom Space Knight has pulled me in. I tried to take a hard stance and stop adding comics to my ever growing pull list when I started reviewing Marvel books weekly on the site. However, as I often do, I go against my better wishes and make decisions against my financial well-being.  So here we are, jumping back into the money pit to see if Flash can get the Venom symbiote back under control with a visit to it's home planet.

Flash and his team have finally arrived on the Klyntar home world seeking the help for Venom it needs to be functional and one with Flash again.  Instead of support, though, Venom receives judgement from the Klyntar and is sent to a trial by combat while the team is forced to watch.  Who would have guessed even an alien symbiote isn’t exempt from having “shitty parents”.

As a raging five on one Klyntar battle goes on below, its not long before Flash and the team decide this isn’t the help they were after and move to take action evening the odds.  The team battle through the alien colosseum until Flash is able to gain access to the arena below and jump in supporting Venom in battle.
Flash begs the judging Klyntar for a peaceful resolution to this conflict and the five engulf the duo of Venom and Flash for a trippy “dream sequence”.  Here we discover that by surrendering, Venom has proven itself worthy, once again, of serving the cosmos. It also seems that during the symbiotes initial cleanse issues ago, a missing piece of the symbiote failed to make the transformation totally complete which is why Venom has been “roiding out” lately.
We discover this missing piece is attached to someone near and dear to Flash back home named Andrea Benton and he is sent to make things right. The rest of the team remain in space to find an elixir that will, from what I understand, possibly unite and cleanse the remaining piece of the “angry” Klyntar that is left roaming Earth presently.  

A lot goes on in this issue that I also didn’t touch on or cover.  Venom Space Knight at times can be a difficult comic to sum up and explain into words what exactly occurs because its been more about an internal struggle lately. The series has shed light on Venom's battle of its inner demons and horrid past layered on top of over the top comic book action and I love it. This overall series has given the character of Venom an arc we haven’t seen in its history and treads into new exciting territory.  
I love how Robbie Thompson has basically separated the symbiote as an individual and developed it as its own unique character with a history, home world, and customs. This is a book that has become incredibly interesting to read and pick up each month and quickly moving to the top of my read pile. 
Bits and Pieces:
Although Venom is always front and center the characters of Flash and every other member on the team are fleshed out as well all given time to shine in each issue. I can’t recommend enough that any Venom, Spider-Man, or just fans of comics in general try this out. What more could you want for $3.99 than great art, excellent story telling, and over the top space drama?

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