Monday, August 1, 2016

The Mighty Thor #9 Review and *SPOILERS* - Marvel Mondays

The Last Laugh

Written By: Jason Aaron
Art By: Russell Dauterman, Matthew Wilson, Joe Sabino
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: July 27, 2016

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

Well, Thor just went and got her life a whole lot more complicated.  If having Asgardia all in a tizzy and having cancer wasn't enough, Jane Foster now has to contend with SHIELD snooping around and trying to find out her connection to the new Thunder Goddess....... and while the agents involved might not be the most decent of people, they sure as hell don't seem like slouches at their job.  We've also got the Minotaur: Dario Agger taken by his super secret corporate billionaire cabal, who want to do a little hostile takeover action, just a little more hostile than usual so they can get the rights to mining in the other realms.  Let's jump into this issue and see how Thor and Agent Solomon plan on taking down Agger, when it seems that he's already being taken.  Let's check it out.

Explain It!:

Our issue begins with Thor and Agent Solomon searching the Southern Ocean for the location of a secret Roxxon instillation that Agent Solomon got some intel on from a disgruntled former Roxxon employee, but since that defector went and got himself dead after his initial blab fest, Agent Solomon isn't quite positive of its actual location.  It's a good thing that Jane Foster, while not completely in the know about all her powers while she holds Mjohnir, does know that she can send it on a hide and seek game, in which the hammer seeks its objective and then tags the hell out of it.  While I can't say that our heroes are in time to make any damn difference in what this super secret instillation was doing....... like setting up Dario Agger's Agger Imperative, which is kind of Dario's "Fuck You" to the rest of the world if the time arrives that it looks like he's not going to survive.  More on that later, but while our heroes might not be any good in stopping this Imperative, it's a good thing that they showed up when they did because in this super secret lab, the Silver Samurai is just killing everyone he comes across, but to my surprise it seems like he's trying to make sure the Imperative can't be shut down.......... So yeah, I'm stumped on that front.

Elsewhere, the Exterminatrix is just torturing the hell out of Dario Agger for information about his Imperative....... and probably everything else that he holds secret and even though this villain hostage has a tracking beacon within him, it seems that Oobliette Midas isn't anyone to fuck with because when some jets come to make sure that their boss is safely returned, this Exterminatrix single-handedly takes them all down before returning to her own aircraft......... That's some harsh shit.  While all of this is going down it seems that SHIELD is upping their investigation into Jane Foster by actually getting a warrant for her quarters in Asgardia........ which just made me laugh my ass off because of the absurdity of it, but I guess I'm further removed from Marvel at this point than I previously realized.  

In the end, Thor fights Silver Samurai in the secret facility and for the most part she royally gets her ass whooped, but as heroes do, she overcame the ordeal and came out some what victorious, even though Silver Samurai escaped, but the employees who were still alive were spared their samurai sword fate and lived to work for another evil corporation somewhere down the line.  Hopefully it isn't in Manhattan though because as this issue ends we find out that the Agger Imperative involves Roxxon Island rising from the water and floating above the city until finally crashing down so that Dario Agger gets the last laugh even in death.

That's it for this issue of The Mighty Thor and even though it moved the story into a direction I never saw coming from the previous issue, it seemed that we were consumed by a fight the whole time, while getting snippets of all these other things our hero will have to contend with in the future, but because this issue was mostly focused on Silver Samurai and Thor's battle, this issue seems to lack a bit because we were given the bare minimum of anything else.  The art though was really enjoyable.  We had excellent looking characters and the colors were vibrant as hell....... just the way I like 'em.  So while this issue doesn't exactly have the impact of the previous issue, since it's mostly "POWS" and "BLAMS", it did set up a whole lot of things coming at us in the future and it looked good doing it.

Bits and Pieces:

This issue of Thor was action packed as we saw our hero take on one of the more aggressive members of that corporate cabal we saw in the previous issue, but sadly that's the most exciting thing to happen here because while this does set up a bunch of things for the future, it doesn't show its entire hand...... maybe just a pinky....... maybe a ring finger........ hand jokes.  With all that though, the art looked great and we got to see what our Thunder Goddess is capable of in a fight.


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