Monday, August 1, 2016

Ms. Marvel #9 Review and *SPOILERS* - Marvel Mondays

Time to Take Charge

Written By: G. Willow Wilson
Art By: Takeshi Miyazawa, Adrian Alphona, Ian Herring
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: July 27, 2016
Publisher: Marvel

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

Ms. Marvel has been one of the most consistent books at Marvel in my opinion. Not to say that the other books are bad or anything, but I honestly can’t think of a recent issue of Ms. Marvel that I didn’t like. Even with Civil War II coming in and fucking everything up, Ms. Marvel has continued to tell an amazing story in this forced crossover event. Last issue left us with quite an interesting cliffhanger so how will they capitalize on it? Let’s find out in issue #9

The issue begins with another flashback into the history of Kamala’s family. Last time we saw them during Partition. This time, we see Kamala’s mother before she and her husband move to the States. He mother is talking to Kamala’s grandmother and she expresses her worries about moving. She loves her home and she worries about her children’s future and that they may completely forget about their past. The grandmother passes off the bangles that we saw in the previous issue to her mother as an heirloom and tells her that she will eventually give them to her own daughter.

We then travel back to where we left Ms. Marvel as she has just found her acquaintance from school Josh in the house where they got the prediction from Ulysses. The team that she has been leading arrests him much to the protests of Josh and his family. In an attempt to keep himself from being taken away, Josh even ends up being hit by a taser. This causes Kamala to really question what she is doing and she goes to meet with Captain Marvel again. She talks to her about how the person she just arrested is her friend and Captain Marvel talks to her about how she has to be fair. If she would do this to someone who wasn’t her friend, she needs to act the same way toward Josh. Kamala eventually agrees with her but soon finds herself questioning if she can really count on Carol.

We then jump to a warehouse which is acting like a holding area for the people who have been arrested by the team that Kamala has been working with. Things get a little weird as the team is now in identical uniforms. I’m getting too much of a “Hitler Youth” vibe from this group than I had before and it’s making me a bit uncomfortable. Some friends of Josh show up demanding that he be released or that they can at least talk with him. Josh’s ex-girlfriend Zoe is the one that talks with him and she asks him if he was really going to do all the things they say he was going to do. He admits that he wanted to make sure everyone knew he was there and that he was hurting but he never planned on hurting anyone. It would seem that the deaths that would have occurred would not have been Josh’s intent. Josh has been hurting since Zoe broke up with him and they talk. Zoe reveals that it wasn’t his fault. In fact, she broke up with him because she finally came to accept that she was gay.

Ms. Marvel shows back up to find a crowd gathering around the warehouse and she goes in to attempt to defuse the situation. She is initially ignored, but Kamala is the one that Captain Marvel put in charge and she finally takes the position she has been given. She yells at her team and tells them that they will have to work together with the local police from now on. She also tells her friends that she is still going to hold Josh until the incident would have occurred just to make completely sure that nothing bad happens to him or because of him. Kamala returns home and her family worries about her as she seems to be more alone these days rather than when she was always hanging around with her friends. Kamala then receives a message that her best friend Bruno is going to get Josh out. She dawns the uniform and races out to catch Bruno. Meanwhile, Bruno is putting a device on the door of the warehouse. Suddenly there is an explosion Kamala finds Bruno at the door. He was clearly affected by the explosion and is in shock before he ultimately collapses. This is where the issue leaves us.

I do have a slight problem with this issue. When we last saw Kamala, she was on Captain Marvels side and I understand that the issue addresses how she is now perceiving things, but I do find the turn around a bit sudden. That said, it is presented very well and I’m a big fan of this book still. The art is still beautiful and the storytelling of this book is very satisfying. Still one of my favorite books being published from Marvel right now.

Bits and Pieces

Despite a quick turnaround from the last issue, this issue gives us amazing storytelling and incredible art. I cannot recommend this book enough. One of my favorite books from Marvel and probably one of my favorite books. Period.


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