Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Suicide Squad's Most Wanted: El Diablo and Boomerang #1 Review and *SPOILERS*

Deal or No Deal

Written by: Jai Nitz, Micheal Moreci
Art by: Cliff Richards, Oscar Bazaldua
Release Date: August 10, 2016

I guess it's time to call back in the squad mates… And just in time for the movie! It felt like just yesterday when I finished reviewing Suicide Squad's Most Wanted: Deadshot and Katana. While Deadshot's story was pretty friggin awesome, Katana's story very lackluster and drag the entire miniseries down. With that in mind, I'm afraid that the same would happen. I want to believe it can be good in both stories, but it makes me worried nonetheless. This time, the stories are going to revolve around our Australian Rogue, captain boomerang, and a character that I've wanted to learn more about when I first read him, El Diablo. So how is this going to turn out? Will these stories hit you in the 

El Diablo: Home Again
Written by: Jai Nitz
Art by: Cliff Richards

After being ordered to burn down a church during a mission, El Diablo tells Amanda Waller that he wants out of the Squad. Obviously, she doesn't agree with that line of thinking and has two potential squad-mates beat him down. Before they could break him, Uncle Sam swoops in and offers El Diablo a deal, and I don't mean it figuratively. Uncle Sam, now a part of Checkmate, explains that the group needs the skills of El Diablo for a mission... That is, of course, if he accepts.

If you wanted to learn more about the pyro-kinetic squad mate, you will definitely get it here. While you don't get a visual view into his past, by the time you finish this first chapter you will definitely feel sympathetic towards El Diablo. He's not a bad guy really, he was just dealt a bad hand as he was growing up, and always wanted to do some good. The set-up for the story is pretty smooth as well, creating an atmosphere where you believe that El Diablo will do some good on his own and not be forced into position like Katana was. The art by Cliff Richards was very good and imaginative, especially with the panels matching what is going on with the action... Though there was one design to a character that made me question "what the hell?!" Overall I think this was a good starting chapter for this story, and I can't wait to see where it goes.

Boomerang: What Goes Around Comes Around
Written by: Micheal Moreci
Art by: Oscar Bazaldua

After a mission goes south, the Suicide Squad is forced to flee and leave behind our favorite Aussie, Captain Boomerang. With no backup in sight, he has to navigate his way out of the South American country while being chased down by a group of armored metahumans... How could this possibly go wrong?

In comparison to El Diablo's story, Captain Boomerang's is off the rails insane! Does that mean it's good? Bad? Strangely a little bit of both... I found some enjoyment, especially in the character of Digger Harkness. He is by no means a good guy, but he has the charisma and wit to make it a fun time. That being said, there are times where I actually go "WTF is this?" especially with the reveal of a character that will be his partner throughout the story.  Oscar Bazaldua's art was great, especially with the groups of Metahumans going after Boomerang... Though the design for the partner leaves much to be desired... However, I can't say that I hated this opening chapter. There is hope for this to tell a good story, granted I hope we don't see the powers of the partner as much in the coming chapters...

Bits and Pieces:
This was a surprisingly enjoyable first chapter to the next set of the Most Wanted Mini-Series. While I am leaning towards El Diablo's story at the moment, there is still enjoyment to be had with Captain Boomerang. While there are character designs that seem questionable in both stories, the art teams do a fantastic job making the story very pretty to look at. Overall,I enjoyed it, and I can't wait for the next chapter.



  1. Finally some mention of Uncle Sam. I know I'll probably never get my freedom fighters book, but if the freedom fighters show up where ever checkmates involved I'm definitely going to start looking at suicide squad.

    1. When I was reading it when he was off panel, I was thinking, "Who is this guy and how can he talk down to Amanda friggin' waller like that?!" then when I saw him i'm thinking, "OKAY, YEAH THAT'S FRIGGIN AWESOME"

    2. i liked seeing him as well!!!

    3. i liked seeing him as well!!!